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bodē nyc™ is a new brand with a lot of history! 

Bodē nyc™ first opened its doors in 1999 and led New York City in the hot yoga revolution by bringing the Bikram Yoga practice to Manhattan. Almost 2 decades later, we now offer an expanded curriculum of classes to give practitioners the chance to achieve the ultimate combination of flexibility and strength for both body and mind.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a 360 degree experience of yoga, core strengthening classes, and guided meditation, to put them on their path to radiant health and enlightenment.

    21 classes in 21 days at any of our 4 locations. Valid for clients new to bodē nyc who live in the NYC area. To achieve optimal results for both body and mind, jumpstart your 2019 with our complimentary bode360 challenge.

    • Enjoy up to 7 classes per week. *If you choose to take more there will be a surcharge of $15/class.

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Traditional Hot Yoga Hot HIIT® Yin Nidra Hot bodē Flow Intermediate


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182 5th Avenue at 23rd Street

Upper East Side

upper east side yoga

173 East 83rd Street at 3rd Avenue


midtown yoga

797 8th Avenue at 48th Street

Upper West Side

upper west side yoga

143 West 72nd at Broadway


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    New clients in the NYC area only

    Enjoy 21 days of classes, at all locations with any instructor.

    Enjoy up to 7 classes per week. *If you choose to take more there will be a surcharge of $15/class.

    Practice 18 of your first 21 days and we’ll issue a $49 credit toward the first month of your auto renew Prime Membership. Sign up for bodē 360 today!

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  • 5 Class Card
    Valid 365 days

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For everyone’s safety and security, we ask that you please check in at the front desk before entering the locker room.

  • Online reservations end 20 minutes before class
  • Please arrive no later than 7 minutes before class
  • Ask for a swipe card to enable faster checkins
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If you’re having difficulty booking, please drop us a line or give us a call.




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