Mother’s Day Charity Class

Mother's Day Charity Class 2
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Intermediate Series at Bikram Yoga NYC

The Intermediate Class uses the strong physical and mental focus learned in the beginning series as the foundation to lead us to a more advanced yoga practice. This class offers students techniques for moving into further expressions in familiar postures from the beginner’s practice, as well as learn new postures and develop new abilities. 

Note – This class is recommended for students with a strong Bikram Yoga foundation. If you are wondering if this class is right for you, please discuss with one of your instructors.


Wednesdays – 6:30pm – Midtown
Led by Gloria Suen

Mondays – 2:30pm – Flatiron
Led by Joseph Encinia

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Chillax Music Classes at Bikram Yoga NYC

Starting January 1st we’re offering 5 Bikram method classes a week that are set to music!

For several years on the last Friday of every month Chrystine Cooper hosted a class accompanied by music called Chillax. It’s the traditional 90 minute class, super fun and great change of pace from a normal Bikram Yoga class.  With the popularity of that class along with our Hot HIIT and Yin Nidra classes – also accompanied by music – we thought it only natural to at music themed Bikram method classes!

As always, we’d love your feedback!



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1 Hour Classes at Bikram Yoga NYC

As busy New Yorkers, our time is valuable.

So valuable that it is sometimes difficult to fit a 90 minute class into your day and still meet all of your other obligations. While we do still recommend taking the full 90 minute version of the series to get 100% of the practice benefits, we’ve continued to increase our 60 and 75 minute class offerings on the schedule.

Have you tried one of these slightly abbreviated classes? Why not book one today and see if it’s right for you?

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January 2017 Special – 15 Class Card

Through January 31st, pick up 15 classes for $259. Note this package activates after first use, not the date of purchase. Take advantage of this deal today and then use the classes when you’re ready! Expires 365 days after first use.

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2016 Winter Solstice Class

We’re thrilled to announce this year’s Winter Solstice class led by the amazing Chrystine Cooper! This silent class is recommended for students who’ve taken at least 10 classes. Call any studio to reserve your spot ahead of December 15th. On and after December 15th students can visit bikramyoganyc.com/schedule to reserve a spot with their existing package.

Winter Solstice Class 2016
Date: Wednesday, December 21st
Time: 7:00pm to 8:30pm
Location: Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron
Phone: 212.206.9400
Price: Use any existing package to reserve your spot!


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Online Gift Cards – Giving and Receiving

Unsure what to give or ask for this holiday season? Gift Cards at Bikram Yoga NYC are easy, affordable and most importantly show the giver cares for the health of the recipient. For a limited time, take 15% off any size gift card (for example, $100 gift cards are $85). Sale ends December 8th.


Using the link below and you’ll be able to design a gift card of any value using your card on file. Customize the picture, text and recipient name. You can even specify the gift card to be sent on a specific date! IMPORTANT – be sure to check the box next to “Send recipient gift card via email” and insure the recipient’s email address is correctly.



Ask your friends, co-workers or loved ones for the gift that keeps giving all year long, Bikram Yoga. Either forward them the link to this page or the link directly below. IMPORTANT – in order to have the giver avoid having to register as a student, please let them know to click “Login as Guest” during checkout.


Pick from $50, $100, $200 or $500 values or create your own.

Questions? Send us an email or a call (full list of phone numbers at the bottom of this page).

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Bikram Yoga NYC Turns 17

Dear Bikram Yoga NYC Community –

17 Years ago this week we opened the doors to New York City’s first Bikram Yoga studio and what an amazing journey it’s been! We would like to take a moment to thank all of our students for their incredible dedication, perseverance and strength of will over the years. It’s been humbling and very inspiring. Thank you to our incredible group of instructors, managers and cleaning staff as this journey wouldn’t have been possible without you.

Thank you all for chosing to make Bikram Yoga NYC a part of your life and we hope to see you again very soon!

Warm regards,
Donna Rubin & Jennifer Lobo Plamondon
Bikram Yoga NYC Co-Owners

To celebrate the occasion we are offering $17 single classes through August 31st. PLEASE NOTE: While you may purchase as many of these as you would like, they are not valid for use after August 31st. Any unused $17 Single class purchases may be applied as credit toward a new page after 8/31. 

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10 Historical Facts About Bikram Yoga NYC & Our Teachers

1) We opened our doors on August 7th, 1999

This undated photo shows Bikram Yoga NYC’s original location, Midtown (797 8th Avenue) before our signage went up.


2) Later that year Lynn Redgrave produced “Women at Risk”

Part one of a two part series produced by TV and Film icon Lynn Redgrave features interviews with owner Donna Rubin, former instructor Nancy Cronkite (daughter of the late Walter Cronkite) and Dr. Oz.

3) Prior to opening, Founder Donna Rubin was in Phantom of the Opera

Donna payed Meg Giry in the Toronto version of Phantom of the Opera during it’s 10 year run from 1989 to 1999.


4) In 2000, Bikram Yoga NYC Expanded to our Original UWS Location

We opened an outpost on West 72nd street, but not at our current location, a block West of where we are now. Fuji TV came to visit in 2006, just before we moved in 2007, and here’s the story they filed.

5) In 2001, Jennifer Lobo joined as co-owner

Jen is the proud Mother of 3 boys and practiced Bikram Yoga during all 3 pregnancies. Not only that, but she practiced the day before birth all three times! This photo of Jen in Camel pose was taken in 2015. Looking great Jen!

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6) Georgia Balligian, having practiced Bikram Yoga since 1971, became one of our first instructors

Georgia’s amazing life story is briefly covered in the 2015 interview video below. Notably, she was one of Bikram’s very first students in Hawaii in January 1971.

7) In June 2004, the Flatiron studio opened, with only one floor

2004 saw Bikram Yoga NYC expand downtown to 182 5th Avenue, directly across from the Flatiron Building. The following year a class led by John Salvatore was filmed by Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

8) In 2006 Bikram Yoga NYC expanded to Manhattan’s Upper East Side

New York’s Upper East Side neighborhood was without a Bikram Yoga studio until 2006 when Bikram Yoga NYC opened our first eco-friendly outpost there. The studio was complete with environmentally friendly bamboo flooring, EnerJoy heating panels and side by side studios. In 2014 SELF Magazine came by with a couple of comedians and filmed this segment “Girls vs Sweat.”

9) In 2012 we led the largest ever Bikram Yoga class with over 3,000 students

In 2012, Donna Rubin, Jen Lobo and Rajashree Choudhury led what was (and still may be) the largest Bikram Yoga class every produced. With over 3,000 students practicing yoga at the cross roads of the world, the event made headlines and continues to be talked about to this day.


10) Also in 2012, we co-produced the National Asana Championship with the United States Yoga Federation

Nearly 200 champions representing every region in the United States gathered in NYC in early March of 2012. The 3 day event, attended by thousands at the Hudson Theatre on 44th street, is often referred to as the best produced in the event’s 13 year history.