Our friends at the Yoga Factory in Annapolis Maryland are hosting a Teacher Training program for the 26+2 hot yoga posture sequence. One of the only East Coast Teacher Training programs this year, Annapolis is just a 3 hour train ride from Manhattan!


Yoga Factory provides the premier medically integrative training for the world famous 26&2 hot yoga sequence by uniting a highly qualified core group of teachers from the hatha yoga community to train others in the method. 

They provide training for aspiring hot yoga teachers who wish to learn to teach with compassion in a nurturing environment. Through thousands of hours of training, teaching, and running successful schools, Yoga Factory has refined the process to provide an exemplary teaching curriculum.

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Yoga Factory 300 Hour Certification will include:
  • Philosophy of Yoga & Teaching
    Anatomy of Yoga & Integrative Health
    Ethics of Teaching
    Business of Teaching & School Owning
    Teaching Techniques, Methodology & Practicum
    Practice – 2 classes per day

Upon completion of this six-week teacher training, new teachers will be able to:
  • Speak clearly and teach the sequence confidently in a public setting
    Correct students appropriately and compassionately
    Encourage a dedicated hatha yoga practice
    Greet students professionally and converse with students in an auspicious manner
    Speak intelligently about the mental and physical benefits of yoga
    Maintain and grow a continued awareness of their personal yoga practice.

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