With 2016 coming to an end, we wanted to extend our sincerest gratitude for being part of our community and supporting our local, privately owned business. 

Since many of you are such strong practitioners, this year we felt it was time to introduce new classes that complement the Bikram practice – such as Hot HIIT and Yin Nidra Yoga. You’ve embraced these changes beautifully, and we look forward to finding new ways to motivate, challenge and inspire you in 2017.

We’re working hard to complete many upgrades at the studio and want to thank you for your patience. After years of researching the best type of studio flooring, we’ve chosen Zebra Athletics, the most safe, sanitary and environmentally friendly flooring we could find. We’re really excited about this change and hope you are too!

With 2017 around the corner, we’re thrilled to start another year of new classes, workshops, special events and more. Until then, enjoy this year in review post and once again, thank you for being a part of our community!

Happy New Year!
Donna Rubin & Jennifer Lobo

Studio Renovations

As seen in our Mannequin Challenge at the Upper East Side studio, we’re in the process of installing new flooring in each of our studios. With just two room left to complete, we’re almost there! We are also in the process of upgrading, renovating and painting all of our location lobbies, hallways and locker rooms.

New Classes


Perhaps our most notable change in 2016 is the addition of new class types to our schedule. For our Bikram method offering, we’ve continued to expand the number of shorter (60 & 75 minute) classes to the schedule, while continuing to offer a large number of 90 minute classes each week.

We also are very proud to be the only studio in NYC offering Hot HIIT classes. They’ve been so popular, we’re offering a Hot HIIT Teacher Training this January. The deep stretching and meditation practice that is Yin Nidra was also added along side our Intermediate Series. Book any of these classes on our app, or by visiting our schedule page.

Special Events


We’re very lucky to have so many talented instructors on our staff! We’re also fortunate to have relationships with teachers from around the world who offer their incredible guidance in our special events and workshops. Pictured above is one of two sold out Master Classes offered by Rajashree Choudhury. Special thanks Pamela Herron, Cynthia Wehr, Joseph Encinia, Kathryn Leary, Yarrow Kae, BridgettAne Lawrence and Omri Kleinberger for their amazing events as well.

January 21st, 2017 – Special Event with Zeb Homison! Stay tuned for details

Series: Student Stories

Nothing makes us happier than to hear about the progress our students have made at the studio, with their bodies, minds, and in their lives as a whole! This is our motivation. In the last year we’ve heard so many stories from our students about the impact our classes have had on them. Quickly flip through all of them here and get inspired!

Series: Teacher Features


In 2016 we ran features on nearly every single one of our 50+ incredible instructors, including our founders Donna Rubin and Jennifer Lobo. We asked them what teaching classes means to them and about the joy they get seeing students progress. See a full list of every instructor we’ve interviewed here and connect with them at the studio. Show them a gesture of appreciation, guaranteed they’ll appreciate it!

Series: Healthy Living


Ania Dunlop, Certified Nutrition Expert and Chief Editor at Food for Zen has been supplying BYNYC exclusive content, recipes, strategies and educational programs to help encourage a healthy lifestyle outside the studio. This post covers a comprehensive 21 Day Food Detox Program. Clicking this link will reveal at least half a dozen other recipes and ideas to encourage healthy living.

Series: Quizzes

[qzzr quiz=”172784″ width=”100%” height=”auto” redirect=”true” offset=”0″]

Bikram Yoga classes can sometimes be challenging, and there’s a lot to understand and remember. In 2016 we put together this fun quiz series that can help educate and inform students about the nuances of the practice in a fun and entertaining way. Take the quiz above, or to see our full list click here.

Series: Posture of the Week


For each posture in the Bikram series we’ve authored a “how to” complete with 3-5 tips to help you better understand the pose. Compiled by a variety of our teaching staff, the tips are short, easy to understand instructions designed to help you get the most out of your practice. To search for a particular posture, use our search function, or to see them all click here

Series: Yoga Shorts

Hilarious short films we’ve put together that use footage from events like the Oscars, Super Bowl and the Clinton/Sanders debates, television clips from Seinfeld and Game of Thrones and films like The Departed. Click here to check out our take on the DiCaprio / Nicholson scene in The Departed, or here to watch the full series on Facebook.

My 30 Day Challenge


In 2016 we took our 30 Day Challenge to the next level! We conceived, designed, implemented and deployed a comprehensive 30 day email campaign that acts as a virtual coach for your challenge. After signing up for the challenge, participants receive 30 consecutive emails starting on Day 1, each with motivational messages from our staff, exclusive 1-2 minute posture videos and a daily dose of inspiration designed to help motivate you. Interested? Sign up for the challenge starting January 1st!

We Supported Charity


In early November 2016 we announced a partnership with Causely, a program where each check-in on Facebook at the studio would help fund educational programs about prostate cancer that would reach at least 13 men. In December each check-in helped to deliver a toy, book or gift to a less fortunate child via Toys for Tots. 2016 also marks the 2nd consecutive year of our Holiday Charity Challenge where BYNYC donates $50 to the charity of a students’ choice.

We Turned 17


Bikram Yoga NYC opened it’s doors on August 8th, 1999 at 797 8th Avenue, near Times Square. Since then we’ve gone on to open 7 yoga rooms across 4 locations in Manhattan. As part of a retrospective in August 2016, we look a look at 10 Historical Facts about Bikram Yoga NYC that you might not know!

Trending: Yoga Science


We’ve always been a supporter of Medical Science as it relates to our classes. So much so, that we hosted New York City’s very first Symposium on the subject in February 2014. In May of this year, we authored a post titled Yoga Science: Why Does Bikram Yoga Make You Feel So Good? which went on to be shared over 2000 times on Facebook. Our follow up post Yoga Science: How Bikram Yoga Effects Your Mental Health was equally well received.

January 2017 & Beyond

Having laid substantial groundwork in terms of renovations, new classes, special events and our overall offering at the studio, we couldn’t be more excited moving into 2017! Here’s a taste of what to expect at the studio this January:

  • More Hot HIIT classes being added to the schedule
  • Hot HIIT Teacher Training – January 13-15
  • Special Event with Zeb Homison – January 21st
  • Regional Asana Championship – January 22nd
  • Key Anatomical Concepts for Yoga – January 27-29

We are thrilled to welcome Sumit Banerjee to Bikram Yoga NYC during the weekend starting Friday, September 23rd! Sumit, Founder of Sumit’s Yoga which has been franchised to 16 locations nationally, will be leading 7 special events starting Friday evening and ending Sunday Evening.

He will be offering 5 Yin Nidra classes and 2 Hot Vinyasa classes (schedule below) over 3 days and we’d like to invite you to any or all of them. The rate to join any of classes is $25 and is separate from any package you may already have.

About Yin Nidra

YinNidra is a class that begins with 55 mins of Yin Yoga Poses and then leads into a 25 mins of Yoga Nidra. The first part of the class Yin Yoga is designed to open up the body by deep stretching and prolonged holding of the yoga poses in a cool room. This also opens up the chakras meredians internally and creates a body and a mental state that is ready for a deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra which means Yogic Sleep is a systematic approach to move from the conscious state to the sub conscious state of awareness leading to a highly meditative state.

About Hot Vinyasa

Sumit’s Hot Vinyasa was created based on Sumit’s own years of experience practicing and teaching various yoga styles including Bikram and Vinyasa. His set sequence and style of teaching reinforces his primary objectives as a teacher: helping others to realize the powerful wellness benefits of yoga including a stronger, toned and more flexible body and an improved state of mind encouraging relaxation, self-acceptance and awareness. Sumit was one of the first to combine the Bikram and the Vinyasa flow class into his own set sequence of postures.

Schedule and Signup

FRIDAY 9/23 

7:30 to 9:00pm – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP


8:00am to 9:30am – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

12pm to 1:30pm – Hot Vinyasa – SIGN UP

5:00pm to 6:30pm – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

SUNDAY 9/25 

8:00am to 9:30am – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

12pm to 1:30pm – Hot Vinyasa – SIGN UP

5:00pm to 6:30pm – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

Sumit Banerjee

Sumit started his yoga journey in America when he moved to LA from Mumbai India in1997 when he was 19 years old. He moved to Los Angeles to study computer science and because of his connection with Bikram he was staying at the studio on Wilshire . Going to school during the day and working at Bikrams Yoga College was a fun good life for him but he had not yet done any hot yoga but only yoga that what taught in india in the schools and had not much interest in hatha yoga . In summer of 1999 , Bikram had a summer training and not knowing what to do in his summer break Sumit signed up for the Bikram Training  . The teacher training changed his life and life path as he moved to Arizona to open few Bikram Studios from year 2000 to 2004 .

In 2004 after having taught 26 classes a week for almost 3 plus years he found himself losing the passion to teach Bikram and looking back it surely was a burn out . Instead of teaching 90 minutes of yoga he was finishing his classes in 70 minutes and didnt look forwards to teaching . Finding himself on the crossroads he had to self reflect on everything in his life and after a huge personal struggle decided to do his own thing by creating a new recipe for his class . He created a all levels yoga based on Bikram and Bryan Kests Flow . He wanted to create a fusion of Bikram hatha and Flow and aded some music to make daily yoga a celebration . Not knowing what to class this new class he named it Sumits Yoga .

Last few years he has been loving the healing benefits of Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra and just like how Sumit made a fusion of Bikram and Flow he decided to combine the Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra together .