written by bodē Brand Ambassador, Victoria Gibbs @whatgibbs

I’ve heard many students in the locker room ask “what is Yin Yoga?” with some hesitation in their voices. I too am always a bit reluctant to try something new and unfamiliar, but that said, I’m truly grateful that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried this class. Yin Yoga is a calming, restorative class offered in the form of a breezy sixty-five minutes (55 minutes of Yin Yoga followed by 10 minutes of Yoga Nidra) geared to help students dive into a deep stretch and relaxing meditation.

Students will experience a deep relaxation of the muscles in the Yin postures through stillness (approximately 3-5 minutes per posture) with a focus on the breath which triggers a deep meditation. Overall, you’ll experience an extremely satisfying stretch to the ligaments and tendons deep within your joints (be sure to let your instructor know of any injuries or personal limitations). Lastly, this practice truly calms the mind.

Some benefits of Yin Yoga:

  • Targets connective tissues including fascia, bones, and joints

  • Reduces stress, calms the mind and helps process emotional states

  • Increases circulation

  • Balances internal organs

  • Balances our yang or fast-paced physical yoga practice

  • Relieves tension

  • Improves flexibility and mobility

  • Encourages mindfulness and meditation

  • Calms the nervous system from sympathetic to para sympathetic

This practice perfectly compliments the balancing of Yin and Yang, which the body needs to run smoothly. Prominent Yin Yoga teacher, Paull Araki, compares it to a car battery. He says, “the car needs + and – to run, the body is the same, and as the Thai phrase says, ‘same same but different.’”

Adding this class to your routine is an amazing balance to the more active, Yang practices that bodē nyc offers; such as the Original Hot Yoga 90 minute classes, Hot vinyasa flow, as well as Hot HIIT.

As highlighted by bodē nyc instructor, Mark Farr, “Yin Yoga brings that much needed balance into our high-energy lives.”

Overall, I find it to be a thoroughly deep and relaxing experience for both the mind and body that I highly recommend. I know I’m keeping this practice as part of my regular routine going forward- anything to strengthen my mind and body!

bodē nyc Yin Yoga Schedule

Paull Araki: 5pm every Sunday at the Flatiron location.

Summer Saunders: 8:30pm every Wednesday at the UES location.

Mark Farr: 2pm every Saturday at the Flatiron location and at 3:45pm every Sunday at the UWS location.

YIN YOGA 101 1
YIN YOGA 101 2

Classic pigeon- held for 5 minutes.

YIN YOGA 101 3

Supported backbend with a block for support. Held for 5 minutes.

YIN YOGA 101 4

Ankle stretch with neck release. Held for 5 minutes