A very special 3 hour workshop, designed especially for women, that will lovingly explore self-care and how the Bikram series resonates in a woman’s body. We begin with a full 90-minute class taught by Kathryn, using dialogue infused with information about how postures uniquely affect the female body.

This will be followed by a 90-minute workshop presented by Anita Boeninger, that explores hormones, emotions, intimacy, fertility and holistic self care for a woman’s body. Achieving a deeper awareness of the female body’s unique needs and strengths can elevate one’s practice and one’s life to a whole new level of vibrancy, lushness and joy.

Kathryn and Anita welcome women at all levels of their practice, and look forward to leading this event!

Women’s Health Workshop
With Kathryn Leary and Anita Boeninger
Saturday, October 15th – 1pm-4pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Upper East Side
$45/pp – Pre-registration Only