When We Sparkle: A Journey to Vulnerability and Healing

Saturday, June 29th 1-4

bodē nyc Upper East Side

Sam Given and Yarrow Bucans are excited to team up to bring you the workshop, “When We Sparkle: A Journey to Vulnerability and Healing.” Having both struggled with addiction, OCD, and becoming vulnerable enough to heal their trauma, Sam and Yarrow seek to help others to shed addictive behaviors and embrace vulnerability as their greatest strength, one that will assist in connecting to one’s self and to others. Vulnerability is the key to authentic connection. It is the birthplace of creativity, joy, and love. We all develop maladaptive addictive behaviors as a way to create the illusion of safety. Through this workshop the aim is to shed these behaviors so that authentic connection and joy may be felt and experienced, safely.

This workshop will include:

  • Hot HIIT
  • Vinyasa flow with deep backbends to open the heart
  • Singing
  • Breathing
  • Meditating
  • Journaling
  • Connection
  • Laughter
  • and Transformation

With this workshop, Sam and Yarrow hope participants will find confidence in vocalizing their fears, dreams and goals. What we can’t do alone, we can do together.

Yarrow Bucans is an NYC based psychotherapist, healer, yoga and meditation teacher, and writer. She received her MA in psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute, and has been engaged in the healing arts for over fifteen years.

Having spent years in a battlefield with her own mind, heart, and soul, Yarrow became a devoted student of psychology, yoga, meditation, trauma, addiction, and vulnerability. Through years of intense emotional and spiritual work, and with the help of a light heart and humor, Yarrow has healed her obsessive-compulsive disorder, overcome addictive behaviors, and eradicated her anxiety. Most importantly, she has opened her heart and discovered who she is. These tools have allowed her to connect more deeply to herself and to others.

Yarrow teaches public and private yoga classes, provides reiki healing sessions and has a budding psychotherapy practice. To learn more about Yarrow, her offerings, or to see her schedule go to www.yarrowbucans.com.

Sam Given, primarily a working actor/occasional drag queen chanteuse (BA in Communications; UCLA), is drawn to helping others find healing through creativity and community.

Sam is very candid about his struggles with addiction/trauma. Sober from alcohol/drugs for almost 8 years, he continually works a program of recovery/spirituality. A consistent yoga practice, honesty, a little bravery and an ounce of willingness have set him in the right direction.

$55 if reserved before Memorial Day, $60 after.

When We Sparkle: A Journey to Vulnerability and Healing June 29th 1
When We Sparkle: A Journey to Vulnerability and Healing June 29th 2
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