Sound calls to everyone. It is the great equalizer and conduit to experience true relaxation as the gateway to meditation. The multi harmonic wave tones and vibrations of sound therapy  induce a theta brain wave state and the rich overtones wrap you in velvet, helping clear your mind and opening your heart.

About the Event

Sound vibration practice is the fastest growing type meditation that appeals to everyone. At this event, you can experience for yourself the deep relaxation as the sounds induce you into a meditative theta brain wave state. The Tibetan Tones sound therapy is also known to help with better sleeping habits and create an over all sense of well being.

600_198459292This event features the sonic and deep multi harmonics of sound vibration therapy with Tibetan Tones singing bowls and gongs and is open to all. There will be no heat or yoga postures during the course of this event, only one long velvet wave sound session as you fall into deep relaxation state lying on the floor.

Sound Vibration therapy is a type of frequency medicine that removes obstruction and stimulates Qi. This event is designed to help remove stress, calm the nervous system and find deep inner peace.

Please bring a pillow, comfortable clothing and blankets are recommended.

Valentine’s Sound Bath
Sunday, February 12th – 3pm [SOLD OUT]
Tuesday, February 14th – 7:45pm [SOLD OUT]
Flatiron – 182 5th Avenue (3rd Floor Checkin)
$35 before February 8th, $45 after

About Elaine Mackle

sound3Elaine is the President of Sonic Wellness,Inc. the only US / India based company that makes the highest quality Therapy Grade singing bowls in the world. Elaine is a Master Sound Yogi with over 30 yrs practice in formal Zen meditation.  She teaches Sound Vibration practice to professional therapists as a new tool in healing of anxiety, depression, IBS, Neurological issues pain and addiction.  

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