It’s in the stillness that we find peace, that we find magic. Savasana gives us that stillness.

Among a plethora of other benefits (calming the central nervous system, relieving stress, relaxing the body, reducing insomnia, reducing headaches and fatigue, helping relieve depression, and helping lower blood pressure) savasana also allows us the space to go inside and to heal– emotionally, physically and mentally. Often we are so consumed by our lives that we rush out of the room after class, on to the next thing, the next place, the next activity, the next one. We are all busy. We rush and run and schedule our lives down to the minute, but taking time for savasana, even scheduling it into our day is so important.

It is in savasana that we heal and learn to listen to our inner guide. Much of our suffering in life is caused by not listening to our intuition. When we are still, calm and quiet our inner voice becomes clear. Everything in the modern world is designed to squash that inner voice–our phones, our jobs, our families, friends, technology, social media, the list goes on and on.  When you come to yoga, you have a chance to turn it all off, to go inside and let the external world go. You get the chance to be with yourself.

For many of us it’s scary to go inside. We’ve never been there before. It’s like a new land, a place that we have to get familiar with. And it might be one that we are afraid to face. What if when we explore inside we discover that our external life doesn’t match our internal life? But, that’s the exciting part, that’s when change occurs. As a girl who used to take pride in being scared of change I can understand how scary that might be. CHANGE! It’s so uncomfortable, right? But on the other side of discomfort is freedom. And, we all want to be free.

It took me many years of practice and thousands of hours of going inside before I was able to easily embrace change, and still, I have to keep my worry in check on a daily basis. Though, as Esther Hicks says, “Worry is using your imagination to create what you do not want.” This is a quote I say to myself daily. I was, also, a student who could never be still. My first group of yoga teachers called me Ms. Fidgets. I was so nervous, so filled with anxiety, and so uncertain about who I was and what I was doing. But, it was by settling into that stillness, first in the poses, then in savasana, then, finally, in my meditation practice that I truly went inside and extracted the pieces of me that were hiding, covered in a layer of anxiety and fear.

Bikram yoga burned through my anxiety; it helped me to heal it and allowed me to be still. The physical postures enable us to sit in stillness and it is in that stillness that we let our magic unfold. It is in the stillness that we know the truth. Savasana will reveal your truth. Be in it, revel in it and come away from it with a whole new understanding of who you are and what your purpose is. Or, maybe you’ll just get some peace along with a whole range of physical benefits, which is equally as amazing! Probably though, if you practice it with right intention, you will get all of the above.

Yarrow is a yoga teacher, meditation teacher and a writer with teaching certificates from both Bikram Choudhury and Dharma Mittra. Through her writing and teaching she aims to help people heal so that they are able to uncover their unique poetry the way she has uncovered hers.