Katy Copeland

Certified Hot HIIT Instructor

bodē nyc OHYA Certified Original Hot Yoga Instructor

Katy’s Story

Katy took her first Bikram style yoga class in March 2014. She needed something to keep her in shape physically and mentally given the demanding hustle of the performance industry. Her life forever changed after that first class. Not only did the practice transform her body from the inside out but it began to calm and free her mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Being a perfect balance to the 26+2 series, she soon fell in love with the fun and vitality of Hot HIIT classes and got certified to teach in November 2018. Teaching has been incredibly fulfilling and allows her the chance to pay it forward. Katy received the 2019 Karma Scholarship and recently graduated from bodē nyc’s inaugural OHYA Teacher Training. Katy strives to challenge and inspire with each class in hopes that her students may begin to reach their fullest potential, discover their inner diva and cultivate their most vibrant self, on and off the mat. Let’s rock!
Instagram: @katycopes

Katy’s Schedule

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