Challenge yourself to complete between 15 and 30 classes before February 15th, 2017 and we’ll automatically enter you to win a 3 month complimentary membership at the studio!

While true, the challenge is a commitment of time, it’s more importantly a commitment to one’s health, wellness and spirit. Experience for yourself the amazing physical, mental and physiological benefits of a daily practice. During your month, you’ll enjoy a wide range of benefits including stress reduction, weight loss and an improved overall sense of well being!

15 Day Challenge

Commit to take 15 classes before February 15th, 2017. You can take any and all classes we offer as part of the challenge. Bikram method, Hot HIIT, Yin Nidra, Chillax and our Intermediate series. Up for a diverse challenge? Take all 5!

30 Day Challenge

Commit to take 30 classes before February 15th, 2017. Need a little motivation? Signup to receive our 30 Days to a New You email campaign by clicking here. Starting on a date you specify, you’ll begin receiving daily emails with a message from one of 30 instructors, access to exclusive posture videos, 3-5 written tips for each of the 26 postures in the Bikram sequence and a final inspirational quote to keep you motivated!


Students who complete the 15 Day Challenge will be automatically entered to win a 3 month complimentary membership at our studios! To accept the challenge, you must complete the form on this page. Students who complete the 30 day challenge will also be automatically entered to win a 3 month memberships to the studio, but will also receive:

  • 1 Free Week of Yoga – just for you!
  • Two guest passes good for 1 week each if new to our studio, or 1 class if a returning customer.
  • 10% off your next full priced package with us
  • 300 Reward points added to your BYNYC Rewards account

Sign Up

Want to read more about our 30 Day Challenge and or sign up? Click here. (challenge is over)

Want to accept the 15 Day Challenge? Signup by clicking here. (challenge is over)

After you sign up for either challenge, you’re all set! Start your challenge. In February we’ll tally up your visits and if you’ve reached a minimum of 15 or 30, you’ll automatically be entered to win! Winners will be notified by February 20th. For 30 Day Challengers, claim your prizes at any time at the front desk by asking a manager to review your visit history.