deb3It’s funny how hard it is to think about life before Bikram Yoga, since it’s been such an integral part of everything I do for the last 17 years. My practice, my Bikram yoga family has enabled me to accomplish goals I never thought possible. I practiced every day while pursuing my PhD. Not only did it give me the strength to keep going, but it gave me direction. My now published research involves teaching yoga to children with Autism. This area of research is limited; and it’s because of this practice that I continue to study and work in the field. You can check out my passion at

debgruber1Not only has Bikram yoga helped me professionally, but more importantly personally. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The way the disease manifested itself was unusual, and it took a long time to diagnose. I was in severe pain; and yet, I took a 90 minute class every day. I was never pain free, but I always felt better after class. Through all of this, before and after medical treatment, my Bikram yoga family was with me. They encouraged me, stood by me through all the tears of pain, and finally joy. I took photos and video to show my rheumatologist; she told me to keep going!

Life is sweeter with all of you in it. Namaste, to my Bikram yoga family.