When did you start practicing at Bikram Yoga NYC, and why?

I took a few classes in May 2013 but gave up and returned back in November 2015( took some serious convincing by my husband!) . After a 30 day challenge, I enthusiastically looked forward to practice everyday for next 124 days until I left for my planned vacation in April 2016! I was in an accident and sustained hip, knee, ankle, spinal injuries and left hamstring muscle had to be removed surgically. I am now on a journey of healing and this practice is helping me get there by staying focused and disciplined.

Who are your favorite teachers and why would you recommend their classes?

Patrick Lynch: never a dull moment in his class, makes you work extra hard when you are just about to give up, Melissa Ritz: her incredible energy and enthusiasm, Natalia Maldonado: her positive attitude, John Mabry: his calm and confident teaching.

What is it about Bikram Yoga that keeps you coming back?

 It is located 2 blocks from where I live! The best part is when I walk out of the studio feeling so good and refreshed that I wish I had the luxury of planning my day around yoga. It has definitely helped in my healing process. Not everyday is going to be the same but all you do is show up and before you know 26 postures are over and you made it out alive!

b8a9390c3afaefbc3df83225b82fcea6Favorite posture? 

Standing Bow.

Least favorite posture?


Has being a regular practitioner of yoga helped your work life?

Being a physician in training, my schedule allows me to take only the evening classes which helps me relax after a long day. I have to constantly read and revise medical literature and yoga has helped me focus better. 

What would you say to someone new who’s unsure if Bikram is for them?

Take advantage of their ‘one month unlimited class’ package. If you make it to the end, you’re up for a 30 day challenge! 

Do you live by any inspirational quotes?

Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose; a point to fix the intellectual eye.

What is one thing you love about Bikram Yoga NYC?

Convenient location and flexible class schedules to balance your personal and professional life. 

Final thoughts?

It has taught me to practice discipline and self love on and off my mat!