My name is Marylou Peral, I am 25 years old, I am from Puebla Mexico and I have two little girls. My first daughter is 5 years old and my youngest is 2 years old. They are my pried and joy! I keep very busy when it comes to raising my daughters and being part of the Bikram yoga family.  I have been working for Bikram Yoga NYC for 3 years, however it took me an entire marysmmonth to realize the gift of yoga that I was given. I am forever grateful to Zayra Torres for referring me to the opportunity to a part of the team. I was under a lot of pressure when I was hired, I had a really bad smoking habit, I found my self living a very unhealthy life style drinking and partying on the weekends and I was a 200lbs and stressed, depressed and slowly losing self confidence.

On my first day on work, I found things to very different, out of the ordinary, the staff and the teachers they were all so positive and much disciplined. One day I was working my manager asked me if I would like to take class I said no, but that day I was so stressed out  and sad all I wanted  was something different to happen for me  in my life. I decide at the last minute to take the class and I have to say it was one the toughest, hardest and hottest thing I’ve ever had to do. In class I felt as if I couldn’t breathe and I struggled but In my mind, I refused to give up and I pushed myself to finish the class because I wanted to look and feel better. After I felt amazing, I could tell that I was more relaxed and at peace. It was rewarding to feel that way after the hard work I went through in the class and I feel in love with Bikram Yoga.

smarysmI was hooked! I was taking class four times a week! Then I started working full time but I pushed my self to keep my practice consistent. I found my self doing double classes once a week, 90 minutes in morning and 90 more in the night. I started to learn things about myself and my body, I realized that when I took class I lost the urge to smoke and when id miss class that’s when I would crave my old unhealthy habits. I started to eat better and live happier for my self and for the daughters. With the discipline and the responsibility I learned from practice I lost 60 pounds in one year, it was very difficult but not impossible. Today yoga is a huge part of my life, every accomplishment in class is reflected in personal growth. I find that the more I push myself in class, the more control I have over my mind body and spirit. I will continue to practice the self love and discipline from Bikram yoga on and off the mat and share it with my daughters. My first Bikram yoga teacher said to me “Inhale the Future and Exhale the past”. This is what I say to myself when I am practicing my favorite posture Standing Bow pose.