Join International Asana Champion Zeb Homison for a special event on January 21st – 2pm at Flatiron. Zeb’s Level II is a new way to approach your practice, taking the tradition Bikram series to the next level. The event will cover 52 postures from the traditional 84 asanas including:

Arm balances 






Take your practice to the next level and test your boundaries!  Join us!

Level II with Zeb Homison
Saturday, January 21st – 2pm
182 5th Avenue – 3rd Floor Checkin
$40 per person


About Zeb

A Pittsburgh native, Zeb has studied yoga all over the world. After his intensive, nine week teacher training in Honolulu, Zeb set out to travel and bring the gift of yoga, and health, to as many people and places as possible. From the beaches of Mexico, all throughout the United States, Australia, and Southeast Asia and finally back to his home-town.

2014 International Asana Champion, Zeb placed in the top four of the USA Yoga National Finals from 2008 to 2014.  Held in India for many years, this international ‘yoga competition’ is founded on the ideal of spreading interest in yoga throughout the world and focuses on the individual improving their own practice.

Bringing with him a deep knowledge of yoga technique, Zeb also has an extensive background in dance, physical theater, mask work, and the performing arts, holding a BFA in Theater Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Zeb Homison Demonstration

Refine your body awareness and body intelligence. This course covers the concepts — including proper alignment and execution, as well as common limitations and injuries — that are critical to fully understanding the yoga and how it’s implemented. In this three-day lecture course, you will learn the foundational material which will help improve your understanding of what it means to practice yoga intelligently.

This course is being led by physiology expert Christopher Totaro.

  • Day 1 (1/27) 6pm to 8:30pm – Musculoskeletal System
  • Day 2 (1/28) 10am to 12:30pm – Vertebral Column, Respiratory System
  • Day 3 (1/29) 10am to 12:30pm – Cardiovascular & Nervous Systems, Muscle Functionality
  • Download Course Syllabus

While we strongly recommend enrolling in all 3 days of this course ($150), we’re offering individual days to be purchased at $55 per session. Enroll below, or give us a call (numbers are listed at the bottom of this page) to have a manager enroll you. Questions? Email Christopher at



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Starting January 1st we’re offering 5 Bikram method classes a week that are set to music!

For several years on the last Friday of every month Chrystine Cooper hosted a class accompanied by music called Chillax. It’s the traditional 90 minute class, super fun and great change of pace from a normal Bikram Yoga class.  With the popularity of that class along with our Hot HIIT and Yin Nidra classes – also accompanied by music – we thought it only natural to at music themed Bikram method classes!

As always, we’d love your feedback!



In this workshop Pamela will lead you into an exploration of your body, mind, and spirit. Using lecture, meditation, movement & breathing techniques to guide you to tap into your intuition, find your center, and embracing joy on a daily level, while linking the science behind these incredible tools to enhance your practice and your life. Come away with the practical tools to use throughout your day, whether at home or on the road, at the office or in the yoga room.

Pamela will be sharing her favorite techniques from nearly 4 decades of dance and performance experience & 2 decades  of yoga.

Sun Center Workshop with Pamela Herron
Saturday, December 3rd – 2pm to 4:30pm
182 5th Avenue – Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron
$35 before 12/2 – $45 After


Sun Center Workshop

We are thrilled to welcome Cynthia Wehr – International Yoga Asana Champion and owner of Bikram Yoga Mountain View – to lead the next installment of our Master Class series on Saturday, November 12th.

cynshooterCynthia will lead the 26&2 core postures of the Bikram method series attending to specific details and posture alignment to improve and re inspire your current yoga practice. She will touch upon areas of how this yoga practice is beyond just physical exercise with emphasis on breath, concentration and wisdom that has come from 20 years of yoga under her belt. Cynthia will answer any questions and provide personal corrections during the class. She will also demonstrate to help further understand execution of the postures and their physical and physiological benefits.

About Cynthia

Cynthia Wehr has been practicing yoga for 20 years and became a Bikram Yoga Teacher in Spring 2003. She earned the USA title in 2005 and 2007 and the World Yoga Champion title in 2007. This gave her the opportunity to travel the world to teach and demonstrate. She spent a lot her time teaching in Tokyo, Japan for Bikram Yoga Japan and in Bikram Yoga San Jose until June 2011. 

Cynthia now owns a Bikram Yoga Studio in Mountain View, CA. Since 2008, Cynthia has judged regional, US, and International Championships and works closely with the USA Yoga Federation, to introduce Yoga as an Olympic sport. She still travels all over the world teaching, coaching and judging.

Master Class with Cynthia Wehr
Saturday, November 12th – 2:00pm – 4:30pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron – 182 5th Avenue
Pre-registration only | $45 pp

November 1st

Yin Nidra Yoga

yinnidraapp1Last week we announced the addition of Yin Nidra classes to the November schedule at Bikram Yoga NYC. If you missed the announcement (or want to read it again), please see this page with a full explanation of Yin Nidra. Still not sure if these classes are right for you? We’re offering them FREE OF CHARGE for the entire month of November!

The Schedule linked above is live. Reserve your spot today.

Hot Pilates

hotpilatesapp1Starting November 1st, we’ve expanded our Hot Pilates schedule from 8 classes a week to 12. Havent tried a class or curious to know more? Visit this page to read an overview of the practice and see the live schedule. Short overview: Hot Pilates is a training system that combines High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Pilates principles. It combines muscle toning and cardio in a room heated to around 100 degrees.

November 12th

We are thrilled to welcome back Cynthia Wehr – International Yoga Asana Champion and owner of Bikram Yoga Mountain View – to lead the next installment of our Master Class series on Saturday, November 12thCynthia will lead the 26&2 core postures of the Bikram method series attending to specific details and posture alignment to improve and re inspire your current yoga practice. Read more about this event and/or reserve your spot


November 23-25

Yesterday we uploaded our Thanksgiving 2016 schedule. Please take a moment to see which classes are being cancelled Wednesday, November 23rd and Friday, November 25th. This year, on Thanksgiving Day itself, we are offer 11 classes that begin as early as 7am, with the last class of the day at 1pm. While the schedule below does not yet allow reservations in these classes, we encourage you to make a note to login and book your class on Friday, November 18th. 

These classes fill up quick!


Whether you are a beginner at yoga or have been practicing for years, this is your chance to learn a lot more about Bikram Yoga and to take your practice to the next level. If you have questions about certain postures and/or your own practice, this is the perfect opportunity to get them answered.

Joseph’s comprehensive master class breaks down each posture, discussing biomechanics, alignment, breath, depth and much more for each of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises in the Bikram method.

Master Class with Joseph Encinia
Saturday, October 8th
2pm – 4:30pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron
182 5th Avenue
$45/pp – Pre-registration Only


A very special 3 hour workshop, designed especially for women, that will lovingly explore self-care and how the Bikram series resonates in a woman’s body. We begin with a full 90-minute class taught by Kathryn, using dialogue infused with information about how postures uniquely affect the female body.

This will be followed by a 90-minute workshop presented by Anita Boeninger, that explores hormones, emotions, intimacy, fertility and holistic self care for a woman’s body. Achieving a deeper awareness of the female body’s unique needs and strengths can elevate one’s practice and one’s life to a whole new level of vibrancy, lushness and joy.

Kathryn and Anita welcome women at all levels of their practice, and look forward to leading this event!

Women’s Health Workshop
With Kathryn Leary and Anita Boeninger
Saturday, October 15th – 1pm-4pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Upper East Side
$45/pp – Pre-registration Only


Yarrow Kae invites you to her signature workshop, “Alchemizing Pain Into Light,” a workshop that utilizes Yarrow’s holy trinity of healing– yoga asana, meditation, and journal writing. This workshop will allow you to deepen your practice, discover comfort in stillness, and to use your pain to create beauty.

This is a vinyasa flow and backbend workshop designed to crack open our heart chakra, which holds our most potent emotional pain. We will dissolve blockages that keep us from reaching our fullest potential, ones that keep us trapped within our pain. Under Yarrow’s expert guidance we will identify the pain, release it, and transform it into light, love, beauty & poetry.

Workshop includes:

  • 75 min vinyasa flow and backbend workshop to ignite your heart
  • kundalini meditation techniques to remove blockages
  • chakra clearing
  • pranayama breathing techniques
  • guided journal writing
  • heart-centered meditation
  • restorative yoga designed to soften your heart and free your spirit by getting you in touch with your most valuable trait, your vulnerability

Alchemizing Pain Into Light
Saturday, September 17th
1pm – 4pm – Upper East Side
173 East 83rd Street
$45pp | Pre-registration Required

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Through the asanas combined with the breath we are burning through stagnant, stale energy, old emotions, past hurts, wounds and karma so that we can begin the process of settling our minds into silence. This process is furthered with the use of pranayama breathing techniques and meditation.

In this workshop, Yarrow Kae will teach you several breathing techniques that can assist in purifying the body, breaking through any barriers that may inhibit the mind from settling into silence. Afterwards, we will sit in meditation. It is in silence, in stillness, that we learn to receive.

This is an introduction to meditation and pranayama breathing. First we will perform active breathing exercises and then we will sit and breathe. Afterwards, Yarrow will answer any questions you may have about these practices. 

If you are looking to create a regular meditation practice, Yarrow Kae will give you some tools to help create habits that will support your practice. Just like the asanas are a daily practice, so is meditation. Our minds are like wild horses that need to be trained when we train them we learn how to respond rather than to react. It is through meditation that this can happen.

Pranayama & Meditation Workshop
Sunday, August 14th
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Upper East Side
173 East 83rd
Cost: FREE

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