Mother’s Day Cancellations (5/14)

We have 4 class cancellations to report on Sunday, May 14th. The following classes are canceled:

  • Flatiron: 8am with Paul
  • Upper East Side: 2pm with Maja
  • Flatiron: 6pm with Kiara
  • Upper East Side: 7pm with Paull

Teacher Training Cancellations (5/14 – 5/20)

From May 14th through May 20th we’re hosting a week long training at our Flatiron location. The training is taking place from 7:30am until 4:30pm on Monday through Friday that week and during the morning/early afternoon hours of Saturday. Some of our regular classes will be canceled to accommodate the training. In addition, some of the training classes will be open to the public. Please check the schedule for updates.