May 5th & 6th at Upper East Side studio
Day 1 Sacred Geometry $65
Day 2 Inner Mirror $45
Both Days $90

Join native New Yorker and internationally recognized teacher Benjamin Sears on Saturday to up-level your Hot Yoga practice and Sunday to improve your awareness, skill, strength, and flexibility with his signature Sacred Geometry Vinyasa Yoga. Benjamin brings humor, precision, and an integrated perspective on how to enhance overall well-being. Don’t miss his only workshop this year in NYC, only at bodē!

Benjamin Sears, founder of LUXYOGA South of France, is an international teacher recently dubbed “a master” by Yoga Journal. He draws upon empathy, experience, and his studies of Forrest, Katonah, Dharma Mittra, Astanga and Bikram Yoga as well as movement modalities including the Ido Portal Method to teach what works. For more about Benjamin visit:

What you’ll learn:

-Refine and expand your original hot yoga practice
-Develop a deeper connection to YOUR practice
-Uncover potential within your body and mind
-Get in touch with the Sacred Geometry within your body
-Unlock new levels of flexibility in a safe way
-Become more present in your practice
-Connect, practically, to the spirituality of your yoga

Day 1: Saturday May 5th, 1:30pm – 5pm
INNER MIRROR: A Hot Yoga Workshop 3.5 hours, $65

Optimize the healing power of the 26&2 with augmentative exercises that provide practical feeling-references. There is no substitute for how good it can feel when you see beyond the front mirror into your neurology and use your inner mirror to guide your exploration of the postures. The days of push push are over; up your skill and turn effort into grace. This workshop is a complete practice that will deepen your understanding of the practice you love with an eye towards sustainability. Yoga buzz included.

3.5 hours total
One hour: Concepts in Action (no heat)
Two Hours: 26 & 2 (heated)

Day 2: Sunday, May 6th,
1:30pm – 4pm
Empower yourself with universal measures & body-mapping techniques that transcend styles of yoga. Intensity, sustainability and structure form a trinity of skillful action. When the system is sound, the challenge reflects potential. Cobwebs gather in corners! Learn to use your edges to unlock your center and clear out the clutter. The full volume of every posture is an ongoing exploration that requires technique that’s more refined than simply stretching. Up your awareness and make flexibility functional again!

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