The class I want to take is already full! What options do I have to be automatically added to the class if someone else cancels?

When a class is full for online reservations, next to the booking button on our website, or on the confirmation screen in our app, you’ll see a message about joining the waitlist.

Joining a waitlist

On our website, start by clicking Login|Register in the top right corner of your screen. After you’ve logged in, navigate to the class you would like to take, and if the class indicates “Waitlist Only”, click Book It anyway. You will then be added waitlist.

Web Waitlists


Mobile Waitlists using our app

To be added to a waitlist using our free mobile app, start by taping the class you would like to take. From there, tap Add to Waitlist. You will then be added to the waitlist.


What Now?

So you’re on the waitlist, but now what? What number are you? How are you notified if a spot becomes available? In our mobile app, it’s as simple as refreshing the schedule or clicking “My Waitlists” – even if you’ve booked on the web. In the same row as the class you’re waitlisted for, your position in line will now be revealed.



Our online reservation policy states that students who can not attend class must cancel their reservation least 60 minutes before class. Accordingly, notifications to individuals on the waitlist will be delivered at least 1 hour before class, or longer, depending on what time the student holding a reservation cancelled it.


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