Ever finish class with a bottle of warm water? Make the change to Hydroflask and enjoy cold water through the end of class and beyond! Hydroflask’s TempShield™ double wall insulation protects temperature from outside elements. Cold stays icy cold up to 24 hours. Hot stays steaming hot up to 6 hours.

Here are some details directly from the company:


  • Our proprietary bottom seal creates a secure vacuum
  • Eliminates the need for a heavy bottom cap to seal the flask
  • This means we can make the lightest weight bottles in the insulated hydration category

Slim Profile:

  • Our specially formulated getter (a small metal disk located between the two walls) absorbs all moisture and gas during the vacuum process
  • Allows us to have thinner walls without sacrificing performance
  • This gives Hydro Flask a slimmer, more streamlined design

Guaranteed for Life:

  • Hydro Flask has its own dedicated ovens to ensure stringent control over the entire production process
  • This creates consistency and high quality that leads to the best performing product – guaranteed

Ask the desk manager at any Bikram Yoga NYC location for a color and size of your preference if you don’t see it at the studio.