We all sweat in class, but let’s face it, some of us sweat a lot more than others.

To understand sweating, we should first understand why humans naturally sweat. Your body contains about two to five million sweat glands embedded into your skin and located all over your body. These glands secrete different amounts of sweat depending on your physiological characteristics. For example, it’s well known that men’s sweat glands tend to secrete more sweat than women’s. But besides that, how much you sweat depends on some other things, too, like the temperature of the place you’re in, how hard you’re exercising, your level of anxiety and your weight. These are all natural differences in the human body. Our bodies, which are inherently different, react to temperature or exercise in different ways.[1]

With that out of the way, what are some of the ways you can be respectful to others, and the studio, while creating a small lake under your feet?

  • In Eagle pose, after bringing your arms above your head, bring them down slowly as you cross them and put your palms together. This will prevent you from splattering your neighbors from the sweat dripping down your arms as you spin them into place.
  • Keep all your towels on your mat, including your hand towel. Sometimes in full classes, students’ mats end up close to one another, be respectful to your neighbor by keeping your sweaty towels squarely on your mat.
  • After class, fold your towels into the center of your mat and use the mat to transport your wet towels directly to the used towels bin to prevent dripping on the flooring or any other students on your way out.

[1] Medical Daily

How to get your sweaty towels in the bin without dripping