At Bikram Yoga NYC, we strongly believe that every person who starts their practice with us should feel as comfortable as possible.  We understand that as a “first-timer” you may feel apprehensive and not know what to expect.  And this is completely normal! It is with this in mind, that we have developed a comprehensive Private Class program that caters to every level and every body, including more advanced students, or those wanting to dig deeper into an existing practice.

New Yogis

This private is designed for anyone who has never tried yoga or Hot Yoga before. 

Our experienced teachers will give you a general understanding of the benefits of yoga and walk you through the Bikram Method series of postures.  The instructor will address any individual concerns you may have whether it be due to a physical limitation from injury or concerns about the heat in the room. Based on your personal needs, you will be given modifications of postures (if needed) as well as tips on how to handle the heat in the regular group class. 

The New Yogi private session will only be moderately heated in order for you to be comfortable and adapt to the feeling of the heat while working through the postures. After you have attended one New Yogi private session you will most likely be ready to attend a regular class.  However, based on your personal needs, you and your instructor may decide that another private session would be beneficial.

PLEASE NOTE: Brand new beginners are welcome in all of our classes and you will find that our regular yogis are very welcoming and encouraging to beginners as we have all been beginners once!

Instructors AvailableDebbie, Sandra, Blayne, Riji, John, Emily V, Mark, Yarrow, Peni, Regina, Chris. Kiara, Dionne P, Maja, Corinne, Kathryn, Dionne M, Dan, Mary, Yanina, Kyla, Janet, Pamela, Olivia, Maura

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Grow your practice

This private is recommended for those yogis who have been practicing for a while and feel that they might be doing some of the postures incorrectly and not getting the full benefits of particular poses. Our teachers do their best to give individual and group corrections, however, it will never be the same as a one-on-one session where you have the ability to address all of your concerns. You may also need certain modifications that are specific your own body.

In group classes the direction from the teacher is more on a general level and by practicing regularly you will in time understand how to do all the poses properly. However, in just one private session you will reduce that time and make quicker progress. With more confidence in your ability to perform the postures correctly, you will be that much closer to experiencing and enjoying the true benefits of yoga such as the meditative benefits.

Advanced Techniques

This private is for clients who have a very strong understanding of the postures and are looking to bring their practice to a more advanced level. You will be instructed by one of our more senior teachers or one of our yoga champions who can teach you how to prepare for some of the advanced postures in the series. After your session you will be able to work on some of the advanced postures  in class that will satisfy your desire to be more challenged. You will also feel more comfortable to join one of our intermediate classes.

Hot Vinyasa Basics

This private class is recommended for people who are new to Vinyasa-style yoga. It will focus on the basics of Vinyasa such as how to properly execute a plank, chattaranga, downward dog and upward dog. The instructor will also offer modifications in these areas as well as several other postures in the flow.

Overcoming Injuries

This private is specifically designed for clients with injuries or physical limitations.  The Bikram Method series in a hot room greatly alleviates pain and helps heal many ailments including (but not limited to) back, knee, neck, elbow and wrist pain. This class is also recommended for people with other medical issues such as obesity, arthritis and diabetes.

Custom Private Class

This private is for clients who want to personally customized a lesson. You may just want to be challenged while doing an entire class or you may need a class time that best suits your busy schedule. We offer custom private classes to suit a variety of needs including:

Group Privates with Friends or Colleagues – Bachelorette parties, Birthday parties (De-Tox, Re-Tox!), Team Building event, etc.

Hot HIIT Private – This private is for clients interested in a one-on-one or small group High Intensity Interval Training. Our HH Instructor will work with you on the alignment of specific exercises and give modifications (if needed) for you body.

Yin Nidra Private – Work one-on-one with one of our Yin Nidra instructors. You will be given tips on working into tight areas as well as any needed modifications.
An extra HOT or extra Cool class  – tailor the temperature gage to you! You get the idea!