Press: on Sound Baths 1

Rozalynn S. Frazier
November 30, 2017

Let me be clear: I am the least Zen person in the world. I don’t meditate (despite having multiple meditation apps on my phone). When I do find myself in a yoga class, I am never really fully in the moment. Deep breathing. Sitting quietly. Draining my brain of all thoughts. I. Just. can’t. My mind is in a constant state of frenzy—which is why I thought it might be worth trying the mindful meditation practice known as sound bath therapy.

Never heard of it? A sound bath involves letting sonic waves (or vibrations) produced by Tibetan singing bowls wash over you in an effort to activate your mind, body and spirit—and melt away pent-up stress. “[Sound baths] are the highway to entering a meditative state of consciousness,” explains Abigail DeVine, a yoga instructor and massage therapist who is proficient in vibrational sound and energy work. “The sound acts like a beacon, calming the noise of our mind toward relaxation, peace, and tranquility.”

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