The Tree Pose improves posture and balance and increases the flexibility of the ankles and knees as well as the hip joints By strengthening the internal oblique muscles, it prevents hernia.

5 Tips for Tree

  • If you are having trouble grabbing your foot, bring your leg up in line with your hip first, then slowly bring your knee out to the side and try to grab your foot.

  • Once you have your foot, make sure to not jam your knee back to get the knees in line. This will come with time and patience. There should be no pain in the right knee. Progress slowly each day to gently push your knee down and back.

  • Think about stretching up through the spine/center of the body so you don’t sink out into your right hip or your left hip (depending on side).

  • Keep you pelvis tucked under to keep you spine straight and avoid sway back and pressure on lower back.

  • It is always better to hold your foot if you are compromising the alignment posture by trying to release your foot and put your hands in prayer position.

4 Tips for Toe Stand

  • A good place to start to move into this posture is with the eyes. This part anyone can do. Gaze 4 feet in front of you on the floor.

  • A safe second step is to bend forward with a straight standing leg and try to touch the floor. If you can touch the floor, put your weight in your hands as you bend the standing leg knee. KEEP THE WEIGHT in the hands as you do this.  If you feel any sharp pain in either knee come back up to tree pose.

  • In toe stand you need to continuously stretch the spine up as to not put pressure on the bent knee. This is especially important as you try to bring your hands in prayer position.

  • To safely come out of the posture, put your weight back in your hands to slowly come up.