This posture has the same benefits as the Cobra, but it is even more potent in the cure of any back or spinal problem such as gout, slipped disc, and sciatica. It also helps cure tennis elbow and is also excellent for firming buttocks and hips.

3 Tips for Locust Pose:

  • If you have very inflexible elbows or wrists, be patient with this posture and go slow. Make sure you don’t feel any sharp shooting pain in your joints.
  • If you have having trouble getting your arms all the way underneath your stomach, think about rotating your arms all the way from your shoulder opposed to just from your elbows.
  • Don’t be concerned how high your legs come off the floor on the 3rd part of the posture, this is something that is dictated by your proportions and structure opposed to how flexible you are. As always, just do the best you can.