Class is now over and your body is absorbing the effects of the practice and beginning to change – refreshing, revitalizing and reorganizing itself in every cell and molecule.

3 Tips for Final Savasana

  • TAKE IT! This is where your body, mind and sprit can relax and fully assimilate the benefits of your practice. As busy New Yorkers this may be your most challenging posture. Learn to embrace it. While teachers  allow students to leave after a two minute Savasana, it is recommended to stay 10-15 minutes to calm the nervous system and promote equanimity in the entire body. 
  • Scan your body for tension. Mentally run through all the parts of your body and allow them to sink into the floor. Be cognizant of tension that often accumulates in your jaw, shoulders, forehead and hips.
  • Breathe normally, find a comfortable position on your back (there’s no real form here, unlike the Savasana between standing and floor series) and close your eyes. While your body might be fatigued and amenable to relaxation, your mind can get in the way. Focus on your inhalation and exhalation to calm your mind. Avoid thinking about outside factors and future plans (what’s for dinner?). We know, we know, easier said than done!