Produces maximum compression of the spine, which stimulates the nervous system. Improves the flexibility of the neck and spine and relieves backache. The peak of the floor series. This posture stretches the abdominal organs to the maximum and cures constipation. It stretches the throat, thyroid gland, and parathyroid gland. Like the Bow Pose, it opens a narrow rib cage to give more space to the lungs. It also firms and slims the abdomen and the waistline. In addition, this posture allows release of emotional tension held in the body as stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

3 Tips for Camel Pose:

  • When you drop your head back try your best to relax your neck so the weight of your head will bring you closer to being able to grab your heels. 
  • Visualize your entire spine in the back bend. You want to access each part of your spine. You don’t want to give in to any part of your spine that may be more flexible than another.
  • This posture helps to strip away layers of emotional stress. By focusing on the middle of your chest and breathing deeply you might experience thoughts and feelings surfacing. This is a good thing so let your emotions surface and then let them go.  You will feel much better.