We’re excited to present the next installment of our new Master Class Series!

John Salvatore was one of Bikram Yoga NYC’s very first instructors and was a mentor to many in our current teaching staff – he’s a Teacher’s Teacher! While many of our long time students will remember John and his amazing classes, the name might also be unknown for many. The unfamiliarity may be due to John’s new location in Las Vegas, Nevada where he has a starring role in the stage version of the popular Jersey Boys musical.

His Master class on the 17th will be the first time John has led one with us in over 5 years. The class will be an interactive session, breaking down each posture, discussing biomechanics, alignment, breath, depth and much more for each of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises in the Bikram method.

Thursday, 6:oopm – 8:30pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron – 182 5th Avenue
Checkin starts at 5:30pm

Questions? Email us!

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I decided to go to my first yoga class after a friend told me that it was the hottest and most challenging workout they have ever done. I never did yoga before in my life, but for some reason I felt compelled to go that very day. It was called Bikram yoga. Little did I know that this so-called “workout” I was about to casually throw myself into would end up changing my life. After my first class I was hooked. I practiced every day for 2 years before I made the decision to become a teacher. I honestly felt that it was a sin to keep this wonderful thing all for myself. I had to share it and felt inspired to pass on this amazing gift I had received. It was my duty. I graduated from Bikram Yoga’s teacher training in the spring of 2001. Since then, I have been teaching not only in my hometown in New York City, but all over the United States and now here in fabulous Las Vegas. Don’t ever give up, don’t ever lose hope and don’t quit 5 seconds before the miracle.