BridgettAne’s yoga practice began in New York 1995 but when she walked into Bikram NYC Midtown in 2000, everything began to change.  Fascinated with the series’ systematic approach and perfect balance between mind and body, Bikram became and remains her yoga method of choice. Originally from Chicago, Bridgett Ane relocated to London from NYC in 2007.

Not naturally flexible, BA’s dedication and approach towards developing and maintaining a strong practice enabled her to completely reshape her body and life.  BA gratefully taught her first classes at Bikram NYC, including private sessions with Destiny’s Child and Beyonce.  She went on to teach in LA, San Francisco, Chicago and London but loves returning to her home school and yoga mama Georgia, whose lessons are infinite and words, “we’re just the monkey on the box” remind her to be humble, honest, hardworking and always with a “happy, smiling face.”

BA spent years training intensively and assisting Jason Winn, Mary Jarvis, Emmy Cleaves and Rajashree Choudhury in Posture Clinics. She opened her yoga school, Bikram in the Lanes, in Brighton, UK in 2010 with the love of her life and fellow teacher Simon, whom she met at Bikram NYC.

BA encourages students to have faith in Bikram’s series, to let go of any negative views toward self and others and to always practice with an open heart, full of courage and compassion. Join BridgettAne for the next installment of our Master Classe Series on January 17th at Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron!

Master Class Series with BridgettAne Lawrence
Sunday, January 17th
182 5th Avenue – 3rd Floor Checkin
1:30pm – 4:00pm (1:00pm arrival)
$50 Pre-registration Only

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