March Sound Bath 1

Deep healing work comes through music and sound. Through the use of Tibetan sound healing sound baths move the brain into deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies, inducing meditative and peaceful states that allow for clarity of mind and intuition. A few benefits of sound healing are: Improved sleep; deep sense of tranquility; relieves stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pain.

We live in a world that doesn’t recognize the amazing power of stillness to heal. As a result, we are anxiety ridden, unbalanced, and stressed out. In this fast paced society, our central nervous systems are on constant overdrive, which can create mental, emotional and physical illness. We run too fast, too hard and for too long creating stress, anxiety and tension in our minds and bodies. When we take the time to gift ourselves with moments of stillness that is when are able to heal and when we heal we are able to receive and let joy and abundance flow freely.

March Sound Bath
Saturday, March 17th, 2018
Upper East Side – 173 East 83rd Street
$40 in Advance

Join bodē NYC and Abigail Karina DeVine for an evening designed to help you to clear space and prepare for the blossoms of Spring. Everyday is an opportunity to create new life. Through the use of sound healing Abigail facilitates that movement so that you are freer and more joyful, which leaves you more open and receptive to the wonder and beauty that life has to offer. This also enables you to be less inhibited and more ready to take action and create a life filled with love, freedom, and joy. This workshop you will be enable you to release, let go, and shed the layers of winter as Spring is on the horizon!

Abigail Karina DeVine is a facilitator who applies ancient tried-and-true modalities to support her clients in moving beyond blocks that stifle happiness. After becoming a Bikram and Dharma style yoga teacher and a body work therapist adept at a number of styles, including Thai and the luscious Hawaiian Lomi Lomi style, Abigail discovered a love for sound therapy. Abigail went to Nepal where she studied Tibetan Singing Bowls with Chantayree, the Tibetan singing bowl master enabling her to provide comprehensive vibrational sound healing therapy for her clients.  To further expand on her skills, she recently studied ancient Tibetan massage with Dr. Tsewang. Tibetan singing bowls have become a core piece in her healing practices. 

Abigail’s work speaks to those who are interested in personal transformation and spiritual abundance.  She is a facilitator who inspires people to attain happiness by breaking through their painful physical and mental blocks. She teaches yoga, performs vibrational sound and energy work, bodywork and personal guidance. Applying ancient, tried-and-true modalities, she supports her clients in moving beyond blocks that stifle happiness. Abigail believes, “There’s no secret to happiness.  Everyone is on a unique path of learning and teaching.  When I see people try to become happier and to learn to heal themselves, it makes me happy.  Happiness is my deepest wish for the world, my priority and joy.”