Join us May 14th through May 20th, 2017 for a 51 hour Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training program with Jimmy Barkan.

Jimmy Barkan is a master yoga teacher certified by Ghosh’s College of India, Calcutta, India in 1981. He is considered to be one of the pioneers of yoga in the United States, practicing long before yoga became popular and mainstream. This training is Jimmy’s first in NYC and Bikram Yoga NYC is pleased to be hosting the Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training in our studios.

Class Overview

Hot Vinyasa is a vigorous class, combining upper body strength, flexibility and cardio and is designed for students of all levels seeking a challenge. Postures are linked together and move smoothly from one pose into the next. You will develop core strength, upper body strength, flexibility in the shoulders, legs and spine plus improved concentration in this class. Challenging, therapeutic and fun. The Barkan method combines many of the familiar Bikram Method poses with Vinyasa flow.

Teacher Training Overview

  • Practice and learn to instruct Jimmy’s new “Hot Vinyasa Flow”
  • Introduction to advanced Hot Yoga Asanas
  • Learn advanced hands-on teaching techniques and skills
  • Explore in depth the history and philosophy of Yoga
  • Learn about our lineage from Calcutta, India (Hot Yoga)

Teacher Training Recommended Reading


Teacher Training Location

Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron
182 5th Avenue (between 22nd & 23rd streets)

Teacher Training Schedule

Sunday, May 14th – 3:00pm-4:30pm

Monday – Friday
7:30-8:45am – Satsung on History, Sanskrit & Philosophy
9:00-10:30am – Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class
12:00-2:45pm – Posture/Teacher Clinics
3:00-4:30pm – Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class

10:00-11:30am – Hot Vinyasa Yoga Class/Test
12:30pm-1:30pm – Graduation

Apply to Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training

For 200 Hour Certified Instructors – Earn your certification to teach The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Flowif you’re already a 200-hour certified Teacher in the Barkan Method, Bikram or a similar style of Hot Yoga. Participants must mail in a copy of their 200-hour teacher training certification.


For Advanced Students who are not Certified Teachers – Participate in the program as an advanced student and take your practice to the next level practicing Hot Vinyasa and advanced hot yoga postures from our sacred lineage in Calcutta, India. Participants must mail in a letter of recommendation from a 200-hour Yoga Teacher. For advanced practitioners only. Please note: You will not receive a certification to teach The Barkan Method Hot Vinyasa Flow in Option #2. Participants in Option #2 will receive a Letter of Completion.


How The Application Process Works

All applications will be personally reviewed by Jimmy on a first submitted, first reviewed basis. Upon acceptance to the training, Jimmy will send you an email confirmation. At this point a $500 non-refundable deposit is required. Please allow up to 1 week for a response from the date your application is submitted.

Training Fees

$1,200 – Includes all classes, lectures, posture clinics and tests
Returning Level II and III graduates participate at half-price; $600


Terms and Conditions

All applications will be personally reviewed by Jimmy. Upon acceptance to the training we will send you an email confirmation and require a $500 non-refundable deposit. Submitting your application shows you have read and agree to all the requirements for the program. You will not officially be enrolled until we receive your deposit, and a letter of recommendation from a certified yoga instructor. Full tuition is due four weeks before the training. We are unable to offer refunds within three weeks of the training.

Curriculum: You must meet all of the application requirements and fully participate in each and every aspect of the training. All participants are required to be on time, attend every class and event with an open mind and open heart.Continuing Education: Continuing education is an important aspect in any career. It keeps you up to date and refreshed. You will inspire your students as well as yourself when you continue to grow and learn. Graduates will be required to submit a renewal application by the 31st of July of every two years along with a $25 annual processing fee.

Level I and Level II Continuing Education Requirements

In order to keep your Barkan Method Certification current all graduates are required to participate in one CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM at least every other year. The program must be conducted by Jimmy. Regular classes with Jimmy do not count towards your continuing education requirements. The required programs include posture and teacher clinics. The most important and effective continuing education programs are the Level II/III Teacher Trainings. We recommend that you participate in one Level II program per year. Returning graduates of Level II training participate at half price.

Re-visiting at least 2 posture clinics with Jimmy Barkan (or a total of 4 hours at the Level I Training Posture Clinics) will also count and your participation is always welcome and free of charge. Graduates are required to make a reservation in advance when they will be attending the Level I Clinics.

More Information

For more information about the Hot Vinyasa Teacher Training Program in New York City from May 14th through May 20th, please click here. If you’re ready to apply, please click here.