Through the asanas combined with the breath we are burning through stagnant, stale energy, old emotions, past hurts, wounds and karma so that we can begin the process of settling our minds into silence. This process is furthered with the use of pranayama breathing techniques and meditation.

In this workshop, Yarrow Kae will teach you several breathing techniques that can assist in purifying the body, breaking through any barriers that may inhibit the mind from settling into silence. Afterwards, we will sit in meditation. It is in silence, in stillness, that we learn to receive.

This is an introduction to meditation and pranayama breathing. First we will perform active breathing exercises and then we will sit and breathe. Afterwards, Yarrow will answer any questions you may have about these practices. 

If you are looking to create a regular meditation practice, Yarrow Kae will give you some tools to help create habits that will support your practice. Just like the asanas are a daily practice, so is meditation. Our minds are like wild horses that need to be trained when we train them we learn how to respond rather than to react. It is through meditation that this can happen.

Pranayama & Meditation Workshop
Sunday, August 14th
6:30pm – 7:30pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Upper East Side
173 East 83rd
Cost: FREE

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