Farewell to Midtown 1

It is with heavy hearts that today is the final day of classes at the Midtown studio. The last Traditional Hot Yoga Class will be with Donna Rubin at 6pm. Join us for a champagne toast after class!

The Midtown doors opened in August 1999 and became Manhattan’s first Bikram Yoga Studio. Since opening the Midtown location, the studio expanded to the Upper West Side, Flatiron and Upper East Side. Even though all studios are loved the same, there is something to say about the first. After all, it was the first studio to spread the amazing benefits of the practice that would soon make a mark on the best city in the world- a city in need of this healing and detoxing most of all. 

When the studio rebranded to bodē nyc, the meanings behind it were very fitting. As many of you know it is the beautiful hybrid of the below three concepts:

bodhi in the yoga tradition means “enlightened one”

your body is the vessel for wisdom and growth

bodē is short for abode or home

A couple months ago when we shared the news about the Midtown location closing, there was a tremendous amount of love and support. The decision to close was not easy as we know it’s been a home (bodē’s 3rd meaning) to so many teachers, students and staff. That said, there’s no better way to end an era than with each other.

We like to think that each drop of sweat we have collectively put into this home, displaying strength, determination, love, compassion and so many other wonderful things that we have allowed ourselves to feel and observe towards ourselves and each other, will remain forever in the heart of NYC. The energy that we have diffused into the not-always-so-zen Times Square will be missed, but only from a distance. See, a home doesn’t have to be a means of location, it can be where one feels supported, challenged, loved, overall a sense of togetherness. 

Thank you for allowing us to be part of your personal yoga tradition. 

Thank you for allowing us to be there along your journey to wisdom and growth. 

Last but certainly not least, thank you for making our home your home.

We’re truly grateful for the last 20 years. Your support means the world to us. We look forward to continuing our yoga journey together with you at bodē nyc our other 3 locations.

The messages of support from our community have kept our spirits up and our memories alive. We thought you’d enjoy some of the words from your fellow community:


Please Note: The bodē Midtown Facebook Page will be merging with the bodē Flatiron Facebook Page so you can still stay up to date on what is happening at bodē. 



Oh wow congrats guys your studio helped me to start my journey as a teacher 🙏 – Natalie Surie


Ahh! The end of an era! I am so grateful for you. My first class was in December of 1999. ❤️ – Lori Holmes Clark 


Oh my….that’s crazy!! Twenty years??? Miss and love you both! Congratulations! – Erin Malloy 


Congratulations on a job well done Donna & Jen. You forged a new path to some wonderful experiences for NY!!! (I remember the beginning like it was yesterday). Xox – Gretchen Michelle Helbig 


We are all grateful for creating a wellness healing in Manhattan… thank u thank you and thank you. – Abigail Karina DeVine 


Oh wow! Huge step. I remember countless classes there and hours of work study.  – Debra Flashenberg 


Donna Rubin you also inspired me to realize you don’t need a business background to be a business owner! 

Congratulations on your success all these years! Thank you for also believing in me as a new teacher and joining PYC at the beginning. Congrats 2 studio pioneers!!! You helped so many people achieve physical mental and emotional health. Cheers!!! ❤️❤️❤️ – Melissa Winn 


So thankful for you both. Donna Rubin you were our first teacher, and the practice of Bikram Yoga has saved me over and over again. We took our first class at 8th Ave, so this is particularly hard for us. Sending so much love. You’ve changed so many lives. Thank you for your dedication to this life changing lineage. ❤️🙏 – Eddie Garner 


Such an inspiration! 🙏🏻 – Hye Jin Kalgaonkar


I remember my first class at your studio. Will never forget. And the teaching opportunity we learned from you both. Luv u ladies. 

Yolanda & John Nash ❤️ – Rosco Nash


Long live Midtown in memory! Congrats on all the success including the new consolidations… wishing you more success and ease! – Cammi Darshan Vance


Congratulations Donna & Jennifer! Managing the midtown studio was a formative experience for me all those years ago. Thanks for taking a chance on me, I had a blast! 🥳🔥❤️ – Ezra Firestone


Congratulations to you both. 🎉🎊👏👏 Very thankful to be a part of your studios. Onward & Upward. – Mark Santoro


I remember taking a class from you before you even had a studio! It was just a dream for you! Such an inspiration. Congratulations on your journey! – Fernanda Durand


Half My Life I’ve been practicing there. Thank U for everything Donna &Jen. If I weren’t in rehearsals I would be there♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 – Zoie Morris


 Were some of the best years of my life building up that massage studio w John O’Connor. Wishing u guys only the best… like a lamppost baby!! Raffael Pacitti – Mitch Klein


You’re both an inspiration 😊 – Elizabeth Emanuele 


Love to the Yogis J and D that showed NYC what it B. Your work has creayed a worldwide community that is ever growing and free – Mark Drost


Thank you for paving the way, it’s always been way more than just yoga 🔥 Donna Rubin & Jennifer Lobo – Tricia Donegan 


This transition is certainly an example of non-attachment. The both of you are together, may you continue to partner strong! My classes with Georgia were always in Midtown. Sending lots of love – Anita Rao Well


Changed my life Donna-Namaste to you and Jennifer. – Sherry Boone 


Congrats ladies! You are amazing. – Teresa De Zarn 


Congratulations you two- what incredible work you have done and continue to do 🙏👏🌈 – Barb Leese Smith


Hey Ladies! This is amazing! Thank you so much for all you have done in this community to uplift bodies and hearts! I will miss this studio tremendously as it has been my home away from home and a sanctuary to me in the crazy show business world. I wish you both peace and happiness moving forward!😘 – Janet Saia-Feld


Sending love, light, and all blessings on the closing of one chapter and the beginning of another!!❤️✨🙏🏼 I took my first Bikram class in that studio as a drop in when I was doing a lot of consulting in NYC before I even met Chad!! Thank you, Thank you!! – Char Ten


So many memories for me there! You ladies Are the best and such an inspiration! Xoxo – Heather LeBlanc Sheridan


My first studio, one of my first jobs in NYC, friends that became family. Feeling the weight of this studio closing, sending all the love! – Ashley Diane Currie


Congratulations Donna Rubin & Jennifer Lobo– such a huge achievement – onwards & upwards! I continue to be inspired by you both & all the immense growth, healing & love you have enabled over the years. Your ability to redefine, re-organise & carry on even through the toughest of times continues to give me hope. Thank you again & love you both sooo!!! – BridgettAne Goddard 


Amazing- wow mid town closing.. that’s where it all began for me . My first class was with Heidi. I am grateful for the two of you and the community at that school and everything you do for the people in NYC. 

Thank you xo – Emily Weinberg


You guys are beautiful and what you’ve done together in the yoga and business worlds is truly impressive. Happy Anniversary to two wonderful ladies. – Bikram Norwalk 


Sending lots of love to you both. The space you created will be beloved in so many hearts for a lifetime to come. ❤️ – Jenny Feldon


Wow, aside from UES being first, Midtown was the 2nd studio I went to when I first started in late 2014, early 2015. But I’m excited to see the 3 studios continue, and growing over the years to come. -@anielplslauren

This is so sad!!! Some of our very favorite and most transformative moments happened in the hot room on 8th Ave. All of our love to Georgia and the rest of the team! ♥️♥️ – @intermissionsessions

Wow this studio has such amazing memories for me. ❤️ – @cgrier1609


My first class 3/11/2011!

Some 2000 classes ago🧘‍♀️ – @thomas4707


🙏🏼 had the honor of practicing at midtown before i became a yoga teacher…wish you all the best at the remaining studios🙏🏼 – @stephaniecostayoga

So sorry to see the original go — this is where I first tried & loved bikram yoga in 1999—with dear Georgia, Viraj, Mark & lots of other great teachers: go to the edge, then melt the edge…. Thanks 🙏🏽 for the gift of all those years & I’ll really look forward to seeing Georgia, maybe at flatrion? 🤞🏽- @ericawcantley

Sad to see it go. Spent countless hours in that studio! Onward 💪🏼 – @ryan.uws

I’d better get back there for the last month after (another) break…I’m sorry you’re having to close this location especially because you just improved it….I will miss hearing the firehouse alarm while practicing! – @mknyc12

So grateful to have practiced here when visiting NY. Georgia is a fabulous teacher and the class was magical 🙌 Thank you and best wishes! 🙏💞💫 – @jammerbrown

I absolutely understand the business decision but I am still 💔😢. The Midtown studio, its teachers and staff added to the pleasure of practicing. All the best to everyone! 💖 – @lilyngo806

Ah that’s so sad 😒 I started my yoga journey at this location last year with Georgia’s class. Good luck to everyone and I hope to see familiar faces at the other locations! – @oyeameet

Your midtown studio was my home away from home studio. Thank you for the wonderful years. – @chulesq

End of an era. Midtown 8th Ave won’t be same. Also, hi Jen and Donna 😘 – @lucyckemp


Oh no!! I have goosebumps…you killed it for years and changed NYC’s yoga culture with that gem of a studio. If not for that space you would not have touched and changed the lives you did….including mine. Give her a kiss for me and tell her I said thank you….now go on and prosper and know you are the NYC founder of hot yoga baby. – @amytheplum

I’m so sorry to hear this. I know for sure that something bigger is coming your way. Can’t wait to support your other studios – @flexnflyofficial

Onward and upward! I look forward to seeing you at the other studios! ❤️ – @kathryntuggle

Awwwww sad news 😭 this studio will surely be missed – @camille5953