Fueling your body before class with nutrient rich foods, coupled with optimizing you hydration levels, is important to give you the energy needed for 90 minutes in the hot room. Some would argue refueling your body after class is even more important. Whatever the case, at Bikram Yoga NYC we support and endorse healthy living, not only though yoga, but by making it a lifestyle choice that touches on everything we consume.

Enter Just Salad.

Just Salad provides quality, healthy food in a responsible and affordable way. They offer a rotating list of local, in-season ingredients, with a lot of quality protein options including grass fed free-range beef, antibiotic-free chicken, sustainable seafood, and organic tofu. In addition to their quality product and drive to see a healthier planet, we found another bond between our companies: Each of our locations has a Just Salad outpost less than 2 blocks away!

So, we’ve teamed up for a promotion that gives Bikram Yoga NYC students 50% off their first online order using promo code BIKRAM50. Offer ends 10/9/15. Also, starting this Thursday you can find vouchers at all Bikram Yoga NYC locations that entitles you to a free reusable bowl. Bring this bowl to ANY Just Salad location and get 2 FREE essentials, 1 FREE cheese or 1 premium topping. Offer ends 11/30/2015.

Bikram Yoga NYC & Just Salad… Hot Yoga and Cool Salads.

(promo code BIKRAM50)


Fine Print
Offer ends 10/10/15 at 11:59 PM EST. Only valid for first-time customers on orderjustsalad.com. Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion. Limit one per person. Must use Coupon Code: BIKRAM50. Minimum order: $8.99 before tax and tip. Orders cannot exceed $20 before discount.

Blayne Zucker decided to give Bikram Yoga a try in 2006 when she heard it was one of the best solutions for healing pattelar tendonitis. She discovered that after years of trying different solutions such as physical therapy and orthopedic steroid remedies to alleviate her knee pain, Bikram Yoga was the only cure! Blayne decided to combine her love for performing, teaching, and helping to heal people by becoming a certified Bikram Yoga instructor. She completed Teacher Training in the Fall of 2013, and is honored to be working both as a teacher and weekend manager for Bikram Yoga NYC!

Blayne on working through discomfort:

One of our biggest challenges in the hot yoga room and in life in general, is working through discomfort. When I finally learned to stay on my mat and breath through the discomfort, I was able to face uncomfortable situations in and out of the hot room much more effectively and productively. This is a lifetime practice of learning to find breath and relaxation within the discomfort.

We are very excited to announce that starting October 1st, we’re changing a few classes on the schedule from 90 minutes to 75 minutes. We understand that your time is precious in the early AM, over the lunch hour and late at night. We’ve listened to your feedback and now we are ready to roll out these new classes! We hope to see you there and as always, encourage your feedback.

Stay Tuned!

Amanda was born in Santa Cruz and grew up in Sunnyvale, CA. She moved to the East Coast to study music at Berklee College of Music in Boston, earning a BA in Professional Music. Amanda has several years experience teaching music and sings in NYC with her band.

She was introduced to Bikram Yoga by one of her voice students. After practicing for three years, she decided to go to teacher training, attending with her mom, who now teaches Bikram yoga in San Diego. Amanda has Type 1 Diabetes and manages her blood sugar levels with an insulin pump and a regular Bikram Yoga practice.

In 2012, Amanda took 1st place in the USA Yoga NY Regional Yoga Asana Championship for the routine below! To book a class with Amanda, please see her instructor page here.

Amanda Baisinger

We all sweat in class, but let’s face it, some of us sweat a lot more than others.

To understand sweating, we should first understand why humans naturally sweat. Your body contains about two to five million sweat glands embedded into your skin and located all over your body. These glands secrete different amounts of sweat depending on your physiological characteristics. For example, it’s well known that men’s sweat glands tend to secrete more sweat than women’s. But besides that, how much you sweat depends on some other things, too, like the temperature of the place you’re in, how hard you’re exercising, your level of anxiety and your weight. These are all natural differences in the human body. Our bodies, which are inherently different, react to temperature or exercise in different ways.[1]

With that out of the way, what are some of the ways you can be respectful to others, and the studio, while creating a small lake under your feet?

  • In Eagle pose, after bringing your arms above your head, bring them down slowly as you cross them and put your palms together. This will prevent you from splattering your neighbors from the sweat dripping down your arms as you spin them into place.
  • Keep all your towels on your mat, including your hand towel. Sometimes in full classes, students’ mats end up close to one another, be respectful to your neighbor by keeping your sweaty towels squarely on your mat.
  • After class, fold your towels into the center of your mat and use the mat to transport your wet towels directly to the used towels bin to prevent dripping on the flooring or any other students on your way out.

[1] Medical Daily

How to get your sweaty towels in the bin without dripping

Through August 31st, buy 10 classes and get 2 free! Package does not activate until after your first visit using the card. Pick up this deal and hang onto it until you’re ready to use it.

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If you haven’t already, login and claim your last 90 days of class purchases as points and use the combined total to redeem awesome rewards from our awesome health and wellness partners. Use the same username and password you use to book and buy classes with us.



12 Classes for the Price of 10 Deal Expires in:

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1. Click on LOGIN | REGISTER in the main navigation in the upper right hand corner of any page (see below):

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2. The following pop up window will appear. If you are an existing student, please enter your email or username and password. If you are a new student, click/tap “Create New Account” and follow the prompts.

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3. After logging in or registering, if you would like to book or buy classes, simply close the login window and proceed to our schedule, studio pages or rates page and click on the desired link.

Logging Out

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As always, if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

We have come along way in the last 16 years!

Today, we are taking a moment to remember the day we opened our first Bikram Yoga NYC location in Manhattan’s Theater District. Back then, opening a yoga studio was a bit of a gamble. There was not a single Bikram method studio in New York and we wondered if people would appreciate the practice as much as we did. But we went with our gut instincts and opened our Midtown studio on August 7th, 1999.

Fresh out of Teacher Training in LA and in the best shape of our lives both mentally and physically, we were confident that sharing the practice with New Yorkers was the right path for us. As classes at our little studio began to fill, we saw our students lose weight, and they told us they were less stressed and felt better. We were thrilled!

Since then, we have been blessed to open 3 additional locations and are humbled to report we recently topped 3 million visits since opening (that’s 78 million postures!). We are grateful for every single new student that walks through the doors because with each visit, we know students are getting healthier, and that was the goal from day one.

Since that low-tech age of 1999, we have embraced many of the things that make talking a yoga class easier. From selling apparel and accessories, to fresh juices, to online booking (no one had heard of an app in 1999!) and locker room amenities. Expanding these offerings, and our locations, have helped us be on the forefront of the launched the “boutique fitness” movement in New York.

We are truly blessed to have met so many wonderful people at the studios. We have seen many of our students meet their future spouses in class and make long-lasting friendships. Many of our students have become teachers, managers and or go on to open their own yoga studios around the world. Our Bikram Yoga NYC family aims to be a community for you, to provide a safe and welcoming environment, with knowledgable teachers and and friendly managers to enjoy the yoga and the benefits of a consistent practice. We thank you for bring your positive energy to the studio space and share that energy with others.

A truly heartfelt thank you to our long-time students for your ongoing commitment to both Bikram Yoga NYC and your own well-being. To our newer students, welcome to the studio and we look forward to having you be a part of the community for a long time to come. We have many exciting announcements in the works, starting today with the launch of our new website, our new Rewards program and shopping channel.  We are constantly learning and evolving and are always appreciative of your feedback.

With gratitude,
Donna & Jen

What a wonderful 16 years it has been!

Bikram Yoga NYC opened it’s doors to the public on August 7th, 1999 at 797 8th Avenue (our Midtown location). It’s been an incredible, inspiring and amazing 16 years and we owe many thanks to you!

To celebrate, we’re offering $16 single classes through August 20th. Feel free to purchase as many as you would like, but please be aware they expire on August 21st and will no longer be valid.

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