quench with dana cohen md and gina bria

“Chronic headaches, brain fog, fatigue, weight gain, insomnia, gut pain, autoimmune conditions… We may think these and other all-too-common modern maladies are due to gluten intake or too much sugar or too little exercise. But there is another missing piece to the health puzzle: Proper hydration,” explains Dr. Dana Cohen, author of the book “Quench.”

Join us Monday, June 25th at 7:15pm at our Midtown studio as Dr. Cohen tells us more with an informative and inspiring lecture on hydration strategies. The lecture will be followed by an open Q & A.

To RSVP, email Jen@bodenyc.com

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Summer Solstice in Times Square!

Thursday, June 21st 1:30-2:30PM 

Find your center at the Crossroads of the world!

Each year, thousands of yogis from around the world travel to Times Square to celebrate the Summer Solstice with a free yoga class in the heart of New York City.

Register today and join bodē nyc from 1:30-2:30pm on Thursday, June 21st, 2018.

Note, you will be able to choose the bodē class in the dropdown menu midway through the registration process.

Space is limited to 1500, so register now! We look forward to celebrating the longest day of the year with you!

June Sound Bath Meditation 5

Join bodē nyc and Abigail Karina DeVine for an evening designed to help you to clear space and relax into the new season.

Saturday June 2nd @ 6:30 pm
Flatiron Studio
$40 to attend

Everyday is an opportunity to create new life. Through the use of sound healing Abigail facilitates that movement so that you are freer and more joyful, which leaves you more open and receptive to the wonder and beauty that life has to offer. This also enables you to be less inhibited and more ready to take action and create a life filled with love, freedom, and joy. This workshop you will be enable you to release, let go, and shed the layers of winter as Spring has arrived!

Deep healing work comes through music and sound. Through the use of Tibetan sound healing sound baths move the brain into deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies, inducing meditative and peaceful states that allow for clarity of mind and intuition. A few benefits of sound healing are: Improved sleep; deep sense of tranquility; relieves stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pain.

We live in a world that doesn’t recognize the amazing power of stillness to heal. As a result, we are anxiety ridden, unbalanced, and stressed out. In this fast paced society, our central nervous systems are on constant overdrive, which can create mental, emotional and physical illness. We run too fast, too hard and for too long creating stress, anxiety and tension in our minds and bodies. When we take the time to gift ourselves with moments of stillness that is when are able to heal and when we heal we are able to receive and let joy and abundance flow freely.

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Cinco de Mayo Sale 6


Prete Partnership 7

Prete Partnership 8

We have great news! Now you don’t have to worry about washing your own hair after a sweaty class at bodē nyc. We’ve partnered up with an app that allows you to book a blowout on-the-go.

PRÊTE is a membership-based app where you get access to UNLIMITED blowouts in your city at the best salons for a set monthly or yearly price. PRÊTE also offers discounted packages of blowouts, starting at $35/blowout.

As a partner, any bodē student will receive $10 off their first blowout. You can choose from top salons in NYC that are convenient to our bodē locations like Salon Ziba, RPZL, Roman K, Ethan Rose, & more!

To redeem this promotion, which is valid through May 31st, download the app here and input the promo code BODENYC in the “promotions” section once you have registered.

Prete Partnership 9

Karma Spotlight: Elizabeth Aquino 10

Karma Spotlight: Elizabeth Aquino 11

Elizabeth is a native New Yorker and took her first class in 2011. Her mother introduced her to yoga and thought it would be good for her scoliosis. With a busy life as a mom and a freelance performer, Elizabeth practiced when she could. When her mother passed away in 2015 she started practing more regularly and joined our Karma team at the Upper East Side. After taking a break due to a few injuries, she returend to the Karma program and her practice in 2017.

What she enjoys most about being a Karma Yogi is feeling like she is part of a family. When she comes to the studio, it feels like a second home. She also loves making friends at the studio and practicing with a group of people that are like-minded.

Currently Elizabeth is practicing often, getting into the yoga room at least 4 but sometimes up to 8 classes a week! What keeps her motivated is watching herself grow in mind, body, and spirit. It really is addicting!

Elizabeth has practiced all of our classes and truly believes that Bikram Yoga is well complemented by Hot HIIT, Hot Vinyasa, and Yin Nidra. Hot HIIT has been especially transformative for her and she loves that it is like a party instead of a workout!

Elizabeth is still a performer and is currently a director of children’s musical theater in Times Square. In her spare time she loves traveling, sitting on the beach, cooking, reading, gardening, going to support her friends in their shows, and drinking good wine with her husband and friends.

Are you interested in joining our Karma Program? Click here to learn more!