Barkan Hot Vinyasa 101 1



Come and try and experience for yourself this unique blend of traditional hatha yoga postures. If you have never done Vinyasa yoga before you will be instructed on how to modify the Vinyasa flow until you build enough upper body strength to do the flow with correct alignment. You will also be surprised how many other poses you will recognize with possibly a slight variation. Your Bikram practice will have prepared you very well to this more challenging class.



Structure of Class

Vinyasa poses are usually linked together with Sun Salutations, which include a signature four posture flow consisting of plank, chaturanga, upward facing dog and downward facing dog (see video below). Class will begin with a short 5-minute clinic to familiarize students with this four posture flow and highlight proper alignment points. The class will move next into a set of classic pranayama breathing exercises to warm up the body and open the lungs.  Students will then go through a 35-minute flow consisting of 5 Sun Salutations, where they will get a chance to practice the signature four posture flow at least 10 times.


Following the 5 Sun Salutations, the class progresses to 10 minutes of standing/balancing postures, not unlike those in the Bikram Method, but which are unique to the Barkan Method and, importantly, flow from one to the next. The class concludes with 10 minutes on the floor, again with the postures transitioning smoothly from one to the next.