About bodē nyc 1

bodē nyc is a new brand with a lot of history!

Formerly known as Bikram Yoga NYC, bodē led New York City in the Hot Yoga revolution by bringing Bikram Yoga to Manhattan in 1999. Almost 2 decades later, we now offer an expanded curriculum of classes in order to give practitioners the chance to achieve the ultimate combination of flexibility and strength for both body and mind. Our goal is to provide our clients with a 360 degree experience of yoga, core strengthening classes and guided meditation, to put them on their path to radiant health and enlightenment.

About bodē nyc 2


The symbolism of the bodē logo evolves from the 3 concentric oval shapes, inspired by the top view of a ‘cairn’. A cairn is a balanced pile of stones typically created to mark a path. The act of balancing a cairn can be used as a spiritual practice like meditation. Every person has an spiritual path in life which can be defined and enhanced by daily practices involving body work. In the past, Western culture has tended to separate body and mind, yet we are now re-understanding the intimate and balanced connection between them. Donna and Jen live and breathe this connection and have been refining these practices for 18 years. bodē nyc is the founders’ way to share their expertise, allowing every individual to achieve balance, be “on their path” to enlightenment and feel great in both body and mind.

The name, bodē, pronounced ‘bo-dee’ – is a beautiful hybrid of the below three concepts:

bodhi in the yoga tradition means “the enlightened one”

body is the vessel for wisdom and growth

bodē is short for abode or home