1) It’s FREE

Who doesn’t like free things? Get your copy of the official Bikram Yoga NYC app by simply searching ‘bikram yoga nyc’ in your Apple or Android app store. Download, login and book a class. The app will remember your login too, so when you’re ready for another just open it and book one.

2) You can perform just about any transaction with it

Our state-of-the-art, managed app, is constantly being updated with new features. Currently, Version 3.0.1 of the app allows you to not only book classes, but also purchase packages, update your account info, cancel reservations, see your visit history, contact/call any of our locations and much more. Cut the cord and go mobile!

3) Guarantee your spot in any class – even our most popular

Sure, you might prefer booking on your desktop/laptop or walking in and booking a class, but what about when you’re on the go and want to get a spot in that popular evening class? Guarantee it anytime the urge to book strikes by firing up the app and booking in a few clicks. Never miss your preferred class time again.

4) It’ll make you sexy

Yes, you read that right. Downloading our app may increase the frequency of your visits to Bikram Yoga NYC. More visits means a healthier you and a healthy you is a sexy you. So, App = Sexy you!

5) Get out of the dark ages – the future is here!

Our analytics point to 62 out of 100 of our students reading our newsletters and visiting our website from a mobile device. And while our emails and website are both “mobile-friendly” why not step into the future and book exclusively with our app? Class bookings on our website using a mobile device can take up to a minute. In comparison, in our app it takes only 10 seconds.

The Bikram Yoga NYC App is available by searching your Apple or Android App store for ‘bikram yoga nyc’

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