Every single person you’ll meet at the studio had a first class at one point and many started off “blind” not knowing anything about the practice. Make sure you have a good first experience by reading these 4 tips:


Drink plenty of water the night before, and a minimum of 1 liter the day of your class. Be sure to stop hydrating at least 1 hour before class so as not to excuse yourself during class for a bathroom break. Include electrolytes in your hydration routine by including coconut water, watermelon juice or electrolyte supplements into your water.

Arrive with a (relatively) empty stomach

Don’t eat a full meal at least 3 hours before class, a full stomach will make class uncomfortable. Do eat a simple meal of hydrating consumables like juice, fruits or vegetables and/or energy producing foods like pasta or grains. Avoid overly complex meals and dairy.

Wear something you feel comfortable sweating in

Men typically wear jogging type shorts or looser mid-thigh athletic shorts. Shirts are optional for men, most go without. Good outfits for women typically include a jog bra and tank or some kind of sports bra, and tight fitting athletic bottoms or yoga-style capri pants.

Remove any lotions/makeup/heavy perfumes

Because the room is heated, students are typically sweating. Because of this we recommend that women remove any makeup and/or lotions before class. Many of the postures require students grip their feet or legs, which can prove difficult if they are heavily moisturized.

Tips for After class

When class concludes you’ll be lying in Savasana (on your back). New students’ first reactions are to typically get up and leave the room as soon as the instructor has finished. But hold on. Savasana is when your body gets to re-coop and recover. The longer you stay in savasana the more your heart rate and breath returns to normal and you can get the freshly oxygenated blood to all the organs and limbs of your body. It also helps to relieve stress and strain both mentally and physically, so it has incredible healing powers.

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