yolande4We’re truly thrilled to welcome the Owner of Bikram Yoga Jamaica – Yolande Lloyd-Small – to lead a class on Saturday, March 11th accompanied by all Reggae music. Yolande opened the Caribbean’s very first Bikram Yoga studio in Kingston in 2014.

This unique event will be a combination of music and minimal dialogue, designed to guide you through the postures, but not to distract from the playlist compiled on the mountainsides of sunny Jamaica.

This special class is included in your current package and no extra purchase is necessary. Online registration for this class opens on Saturday, March 4th, but if you would like to secure a spot (as it’ll likely be sold out by then!), we’re allowing over-the-phone and at the front desk reservations.

Give us a call at any number below to register!

All Reggae Class with Yolande 
Saturday, March 11th at 5pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Midtown
797 8th Avenue
212.245.2525 – MID
212.206.9400 – FLT
212.724.7303 – UWS
212.288.9642 – UES

Jamaican Rum Punch refreshments to be served after class!

Check out this video we made welcoming Kathryn Leary back from a 2 month trip to Kingston to teach for Yolande in 2016! Kathryn and Yolande are featured together in several of the photos in the video.

In our ongoing efforts to renovate our studios we have to cancel or move a few upcoming classes in order to allow contractors access to the studios so they can complete the work. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you!

Upper East Side

Thursday, March 2ndAll classes are cancelled. Please see our March 2nd schedule options below.
Friday, March 3rd – 6am class is cancelled.


Thursday, March 2nd – 6:30am class is cancelled


We want to congratulate some of our customers who have met their significant others at Bikram Yoga NYC. 

Congrats to Bridgetane & Simon


I was working as a manager at Bikram Yoga NYC Midtown in 2005.  Evan was teaching & had already gone down for the 6pm.  The elevator doors opened & out came Simon, in a bit of a fluster as he was late.  I calmed him down and assured him there was no need to worry as Evan was sure to still be giving his preamble.  I must have checked in thousands of students over the years at BYNYC but strangely remember Simon’s check-in with film like quality in my mind.  We didn’t meet again until 2006 at which point Simon had established a regular practice & I’d become a teacher.  Our courtship lasted about a month & our love is still growing more each year.  Grateful beyond measure to Donna & Jen – thanks to you we have our practice, our love, our yoga school & this beautiful life together!  

Congrats to Herve & Anna


Bikram yoga NYC was the place it all started for two yogis, from completely geographically different places.  Hervé Kwimo from Douala, Cameroon, Anna Lewis from Boston, met 5 years ago at the Upper East side BYNYC. They have practiced together from day 1 and feel it makes them stronger mentally and physically. They are thankful for the BYNYC community from which they have formed lifelong friendships and are excited for the happy and healthy future Bikram enables them to have.

 Congrats to Philip & Alanna


Philip and Alanna met at the Midtown studio in March 2007. Philip was doing his weekly workstudy shift, signing in students for Bernadette Duthu’s class at 9 AM on a Monday. It was not a day or time that Alanna normally practiced, but how fortunate it turned out to be. Small talk at the desk eventually led to our first date on June 18th and our marriage in May 2011. We are grateful to Jen and Donna, and to all the BYNYC community members, who share the spiritual warmth that Bikram Yoga practice brings out in us — and for encouraging us to open our hearts to one another.

Congrats to Heidi & Frank


Frank and I met in 1999 just a few months after Donna and Jen opened their first Bikram studio on W 48th St. Frank was one of their first yearly members and I was one of their first teachers. I had just finished the training in May and started teaching there over the summer. We formally met at Donna’s Roshashanna party in October. We often took Georgia’s class together. Our preferred spot was in the front by the slightly opened window. We would hold hands lying in shavasana. We were married a year later.