Sound calls to everyone. It is the great equalizer and conduit to experience true relaxation as the gateway to meditation. The multi harmonic wave tones and vibrations of sound therapy  induce a theta brain wave state and the rich overtones wrap you in velvet, helping clear your mind and opening your heart.

About the Event

Sound vibration practice is the fastest growing type meditation that appeals to everyone. At this event, you can experience for yourself the deep relaxation as the sounds induce you into a meditative theta brain wave state. The Tibetan Tones sound therapy is also known to help with better sleeping habits and create an over all sense of well being.

600_198459292This event features the sonic and deep multi harmonics of sound vibration therapy with Tibetan Tones singing bowls and gongs and is open to all. There will be no heat or yoga postures during the course of this event, only one long velvet wave sound session as you fall into deep relaxation state lying on the floor.

Sound Vibration therapy is a type of frequency medicine that removes obstruction and stimulates Qi. This event is designed to help remove stress, calm the nervous system and find deep inner peace.

Please bring a pillow, comfortable clothing and blankets are recommended.

Valentine’s Sound Bath
Sunday, February 12th – 3pm [SOLD OUT]
Tuesday, February 14th – 7:45pm [SOLD OUT]
Flatiron – 182 5th Avenue (3rd Floor Checkin)
$35 before February 8th, $45 after

About Elaine Mackle

sound3Elaine is the President of Sonic Wellness,Inc. the only US / India based company that makes the highest quality Therapy Grade singing bowls in the world. Elaine is a Master Sound Yogi with over 30 yrs practice in formal Zen meditation.  She teaches Sound Vibration practice to professional therapists as a new tool in healing of anxiety, depression, IBS, Neurological issues pain and addiction.  

More about Elaine and her work at

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What does the word surrender mean to you?

instument We live in a world that doesn’t recognize the amazing power of surrender. As a result, we are anxiety ridden, unbalanced, and stressed out. In this fast paced society, our central nervous systems are on constant overdrive, which can create mental, emotional and physical illness. We run too fast, too hard and for too long creating stress, anxiety and tension in our minds and bodies. When we take the time to gift ourselves with moments of surrender that is when are able to heal and when we heal we are able to receive and let joy and abundance flow freely.

Join Instructor Yarrow Bucans – and Sound Healer Hiko Konami – as they guide you on a powerful journey to surrender. In this workshop you will experience deep energetic, emotional, and physical release through yin postures and sound healing.


Yin yoga postures are designed to open up the body by prolonged holds of deep stretching techniques – typically between 1 to 5 minutes in length. These techniques put both your body and mind in a state of deep relaxation. Sound baths move the brain into deeper Alpha and Theta brain wave frequencies, inducing meditative and peaceful states that allow for clarity of mind and intuition. A few benefits of sound healing are: Improved sleep; deep sense of tranquility; relieves stress, anxiety, depression and emotional pain.

Put together – Yin led by Yarrow and Sound Healing by Hiko – this event will guide you into a meditative state, allowing you to surrender, release, let go, and heal.

Yin Yoga Sound Bath – The Power of Surrender
Sunday, February 26th – 5:30pm to 8:00pm
182 5th Avenue – Flatiron
$45 through 2/22 – $50 After


yarrowsmallAbout Yarrow

Yarrow is a yoga teacher, reiki healer and writer with teaching certificates from both Bikram Choudhury and Dharma Mittra. In 2002, when Yarrow walked into her first class she was studying for the LSAT, anxiety ridden, losing a battle with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and on a frustrating journey searching for her elusive self.  Today, Yarrow is on her path; she has healed her obsessive-compulsive disorder and eradicated her anxiety. Most importantly, she knows who she is. Through her writing and yoga teaching she aims to help people heal so that they are able to uncover their unique poetry the way she has uncovered hers. She believes that through yoga and meditation we can transform our pain into light, into love, so that we can give that back to the world.

hikoAbout Hiko

Hiko Konami is a certificated yoga instructor, reiki master and sound healer living and working in NYC. For over ten years, she has dedicated her practice to understanding the inherent connection between the anatomical body, the interplay of its senses and the relationship to self-actualization and growth. Collectively, she has studied music as a healing tool, learned ancient wisdom on how to use and to create sounds technically and scientifically. She’s has the honor to learn from distinguished teachers from diverse backgrounds such as, music therapists, psycho musicologists and ethnomusicologist.


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Join International Asana Champion Zeb Homison for a special event on January 21st – 2pm at Flatiron. Zeb’s Level II is a new way to approach your practice, taking the tradition Bikram series to the next level. The event will cover 52 postures from the traditional 84 asanas including:

Arm balances 






Take your practice to the next level and test your boundaries!  Join us!

Level II with Zeb Homison
Saturday, January 21st – 2pm
182 5th Avenue – 3rd Floor Checkin
$40 per person


About Zeb

A Pittsburgh native, Zeb has studied yoga all over the world. After his intensive, nine week teacher training in Honolulu, Zeb set out to travel and bring the gift of yoga, and health, to as many people and places as possible. From the beaches of Mexico, all throughout the United States, Australia, and Southeast Asia and finally back to his home-town.

2014 International Asana Champion, Zeb placed in the top four of the USA Yoga National Finals from 2008 to 2014.  Held in India for many years, this international ‘yoga competition’ is founded on the ideal of spreading interest in yoga throughout the world and focuses on the individual improving their own practice.

Bringing with him a deep knowledge of yoga technique, Zeb also has an extensive background in dance, physical theater, mask work, and the performing arts, holding a BFA in Theater Arts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Zeb Homison Demonstration

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