Available in limited quantities and a for limited time, this week were offering one of our best selling packages of all time – a 20 Class Card. Valid for 6 full months, the package does not activate until your first class using it. This package is available online by clicking below, over the phone (a list of phone numbers is at the bottom of this page) and in person.



Whether you are a beginner at yoga or have been practicing for years, this is your chance to learn a lot more about Bikram Yoga and to take your practice to the next level. If you have questions about certain postures and/or your own practice, this is the perfect opportunity to get them answered.

Joseph’s comprehensive master class breaks down each posture, discussing biomechanics, alignment, breath, depth and much more for each of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises in the Bikram method.

Master Class with Joseph Encinia
Saturday, October 8th
2pm – 4:30pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Flatiron
182 5th Avenue
$45/pp – Pre-registration Only


A very special 3 hour workshop, designed especially for women, that will lovingly explore self-care and how the Bikram series resonates in a woman’s body. We begin with a full 90-minute class taught by Kathryn, using dialogue infused with information about how postures uniquely affect the female body.

This will be followed by a 90-minute workshop presented by Anita Boeninger, that explores hormones, emotions, intimacy, fertility and holistic self care for a woman’s body. Achieving a deeper awareness of the female body’s unique needs and strengths can elevate one’s practice and one’s life to a whole new level of vibrancy, lushness and joy.

Kathryn and Anita welcome women at all levels of their practice, and look forward to leading this event!

Women’s Health Workshop
With Kathryn Leary and Anita Boeninger
Saturday, October 15th – 1pm-4pm
Bikram Yoga NYC Upper East Side
$45/pp – Pre-registration Only


What year did you attend training? Why did you go?

I went to Bikram Yoga training in the fall of 2008. I had been practicing consistently for 7 years. I made the choice to become an instructor because the practice had changed me for the better and touched me very deeply. I wanted the opportunity for Bikram Yoga to become even more of a central focus in my life and to share it with others. I went to Hot Pilates training November 2015, because it is such an important compliment to Bikram Yoga. It makes your practice that much stronger.

We’re thrilled to to welcome you back, and are really excited about this week’s launch of your Hot Pilates classes. What are some things you’d like to share with our students about High Intensity Interval Training?

HIIT is the most effective way to burn fat and increase your endurance quickly. In Hot Pilates, we work at 110% for 20 seconds and rest for ten, doing either 4 or 8 sets of each exercise. The Pilates Principles we use create long, lean muscle mass, and especially in the hot room, you see results rapidly. It is challenging, but just like in a Bikram class, you do the absolute best you can with the correct form and every day you will become stronger.

The important thing is to keep moving, even if you have to drop your intensity level down. You have to overload the muscles to improve them. The great thing about this program is it is all zero impact, so it is the perfect high intensity workout for anyone who has been injured during Crossfit, or any other high impact workout, but still craves that high. It is up to each student to find their perfect balance of working as hard as they can, and maintaining the integrity of their form.

Tell us about your own practice. Which posture is most challenging for you and how do you get through it?

Hands down my most challenging postures, mentally and physically, are planks. Forearm plank, side plank, you name it. Any time your life is going by quickly, do a 60 second plank. Everything will slow right down for you. There are days when it literally feels like time is standing still while I’m in it. Exactly because of that, I do a minimum 2 minute forearm plank every day. I do it because I know the postures and exercises that are most uncomfortable and challenging are the ones we need the most. I do it because I know I can. I do it because the challenge reminds me to not take myself too seriously. I do it because every second longer I hold it, I get stronger.

Outside of yoga, what projects are you involved with? What do you do for fun?

I had my own yoga studio for three years, which closed this past August. I was very busy with my business during that time and did not have many outside projects. Now that I have more free time, I am enjoying all the doors that have opened for me. I love to long distance run, but have been mostly doing interval training as of late. Honestly, I go to yoga and hot pilates classes for fun. It sounds silly, but I am so blessed to be doing for a living what I love the most in the world. 

Do you have a favorite inspirational quote or saying?

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”.

What are you currently reading or listening to?

I am currently reading “Pilates’ Return To Life Through Contrology” by Joseph Pilates. I’m listening to my Discovery Weekly playlist on Spotify so that I can get you guys some new music for your Hot Pilates classes!

Any final words?

I’m honored and excited to be teaching Hot Pilates at Bikram Yoga NYC. It is something I feel passionate about and believe in completely. You get very strong very quickly, you see changes rapidly, and it is so fun to take it. I have a blast teaching it. I hope to see everyone in class soon! 

deb3It’s funny how hard it is to think about life before Bikram Yoga, since it’s been such an integral part of everything I do for the last 17 years. My practice, my Bikram yoga family has enabled me to accomplish goals I never thought possible. I practiced every day while pursuing my PhD. Not only did it give me the strength to keep going, but it gave me direction. My now published research involves teaching yoga to children with Autism. This area of research is limited; and it’s because of this practice that I continue to study and work in the field. You can check out my passion at https://www.facebook.com/lotusforkids

debgruber1Not only has Bikram yoga helped me professionally, but more importantly personally. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The way the disease manifested itself was unusual, and it took a long time to diagnose. I was in severe pain; and yet, I took a 90 minute class every day. I was never pain free, but I always felt better after class. Through all of this, before and after medical treatment, my Bikram yoga family was with me. They encouraged me, stood by me through all the tears of pain, and finally joy. I took photos and video to show my rheumatologist; she told me to keep going!

Life is sweeter with all of you in it. Namaste, to my Bikram yoga family.

By Ania Dunlop from Food for Zen for Bikram Yoga NYC

Our health and wellbeing are, to a great extent, the result of our lifestyle choices. As we become responsible adults, it’s easy to loose oneself in the sea of responsibilities, childcare and work obligations. There comes a time when we become exhausted, unable to focus and it’s impossible to know how to feel better, clearer and hopeful again. I have outlined 5 steps to revitalize your health and life. You will notice that all 5 strategies are intertwined and one affects the other. These steps also build on each other, so start with the first and proceed to the next when you are ready. The best part is you can take your health into your own hands, become an “empowered participant” in your healing and start feeling better by making informed choices based on modern medicine and ancient healing techniques.


1. Become a food detective

Undiagnosed food sensitivities can have an effect on everything from your digestive system, joint health to emotional wellbeing. It can sap your energy, lower your immune function and leave you with dull skin and hair or acne. We learn to tolerate our annoying aches and pains and develop tolerance for feeling sub-optimally, but that’s not a way to live. If you suffer from an autoimmune disease (from skin conditions such as psoriasis to thyroid disorders), chronic fatigue, acne, headaches, anxiety, consider doing an elimination diet to find out what’s been bugging you. While the accuracy of testing for food sensitivities has improved recently, the only way you will know for sure if you are sensitive to a specific food is to eliminate it completely. Try eliminating the top allergens for 21 days: gluten, dairy, corn and soy (also nightshade vegetables if you have any join pain problem like rheumatoid arthritis). After 3 weeks, reintroduce these foods one by one over a period of 3 days and watch for symptoms. Eliminating offending foods is the easiest and most effective way to transform your health quickly. Plus it’s free!

 2. Heal your gut

If you have food sensitivities, eat a processed diet or have chronic stress in your life chances are your gastrointestinal system has been compromised. Many people today suffer from a “leaky gut”, where the intestinal barrier has become porous, allowing undigested food particles to enter the bloodstream. The body perceives the tiny food molecules as invaders and launches an immune response, which unfortunately results in chronic inflammation inside your body. While inflammation is a good thing when you cut yourself and your amazing body rushes to heal the site of the injury resulting in an inflamed red swelling swoop, chronic internal inflammation has been reported in current research as the source of most modern ailments such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Healing your gut involves removing foods you are sensitive to (see step 1), eating a clean, whole foods diet with lots of green vegetables and fermented foods, taking a good probiotic and supplementing with fish oil (Omega 3’s have been reported to significantly lower inflammation). You may also consider taking digestive enzymes to help you break down food and glutamine to repair your intestinal barrier.


3. Restore your adrenal health

The adrenals are tiny glands that sit on top of your kidneys and play a major function in helping your body cope with everyday stresses. The adrenal glands produce cortisol, among other hormones, which helps your body deal with stress. However, chronic stress, be it work related or a prolonged unresolved emotional situation, coupled with a nutrient poor diet, will exhaust your adrenals, which will in turn produce abnormal levels of cortisol and other adrenal hormones such as DHEA. Over time, your adrenal glands will have a hard time meeting the high cortisol demand. Without enough cortisol, you may experience poor immunity, fatigue, changes in blood sugar, depression, inability to cope with everyday life, insomnia, brain fog and food cravings. In a nutshell, you are exhausted, unable to make a simple decision and your health concerns keep piling on.

A discussion on adrenals would not be complete without touching on the thyroid since the two are directly linked. As adrenals become exhausted, thyroid function declines which may result in hypothyroidism, a condition where the body is not producing enough thyroid hormones. The symptoms are weight gain, fatigue, depression, hair loss, among others.

Restoring adrenal imbalances takes time and patience. It involves reflecting on your lifestyle and eliminating behaviors that might drain your energy. This might include reexamining your work, life’s purpose and your relationships. Sleeping 8 hours a night is a must. So is eating a nutrient rich diet with enough protein and minimal sugar, making time for meals sitting down, unrushed, chewing slowly. Finally, prioritizing self-care and de-stressing activities such as meditation are critical to healing.


4. Balance your sex hormones

I am talking about testosterone, progesterone, estrogen here…balancing these hormones as you get older is the nirvana to rocking your health since it affects your moods, sleep, libido, skin and hair. Many women in North America are affected by estrogen dominance, a hormonal imbalance that leads to PMS, ovarian cysts, cystic breasts, acne and heavy periods. According to Dr. Northrop, estrogen dominance can also affect the thyroid, blocking the action of the thyroid hormone and possibly leading to mid life hypothyroidism (thyroid pops up again! I told you everything is intertwined). While diet and lifestyle play a role in estrogen dominance, so do environmental estrogens (plastics, cosmetics, pesticides), which are man made chemicals which mimic estrogen in the body and upset its delicate hormonal balance.

Since I want you to be an empowered rockstar, consider reading “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” by Dr. Christine Northrop and “The Hormone Cure” by Dr. Sarah Gottfried, both are fantastic reference books. Find an integrative practitioner to test your blood levels. Unfortunately, the conventional medical community rarely focuses on hormone balancing that does not involve drugs. The basis of healthy hormones is a diet full of green and cruciferous vegetables and sufficient protein from wild, free range animal sources (avoid commercially raised dairy and meat, which use synthetic hormones). Finally, a good supplementation program can put you back on track.


5. Detoxify your life and save your liver

Our modern lifestyle exposes us to processed foods, chemicals in our cosmetics, heavy metals, toxins and candida from “living la vida loca”. The liver is the key organ for detoxification, including excess hormones, it breaks down estrogen and other hormones. However, a bad diet full of fat, sugar, alcohol and caffeine can compromise the liver’s ability to maintain a healthy hormonal balance.

Spring is a great time to incorporate a detox program and jump start your energy. While I am not advocating you live on juice for weeks at a time, consider giving up coffee, alcohol, sugar, gluten and dairy for a few weeks and upping your green vegetable intake. Drink warm water with half a lemon when you first wake up and sip dandelion tea a couple of times a day. You will notice that you will have a boost of energy and a greater sense of wellbeing. Post cleanse, incorporate a daily green juice ritual to get proper nutrition, get rid of toxic cosmetics and even more dangerous home cleaning products to avoid build up of toxins over time.

When did you start practicing at Bikram Yoga NYC, and why?

I started practicing at Bikram Yoga NYC back in 2010.  I had just moved from Tucson, AZ and had started a job at an immigration law firm as a Receptionist here in the city.  The job was very stressful and I was looking for something that would help me deal with that.


Who are your favorite teachers and why would you recommend their classes?

My favorite teachers are Chrystine Cooper, Upkar Chana, and Patrick O’Keefe.  

I love how sweet and funny-as-hell Chrystine is.  Anytime that I’ve invited any new students to class, I make sure we take class with her because she takes care of them and makes sure they have a great experience. 

I was struck by how incredibly present and focused Upkar is while teaching class.  She has this amazing energy. I appreciate all of the corrections she gives me, because it shows how much she really cares about the student’s alignment during the postures.  Last but not least, I love how kind and encouraging Patrick is during class.  I appreciate his positive and happy demeanor, always!


What is it about Bikram Yoga that keeps you coming back?

I had a big breakthrough last year when I completed my 30 day birkam yoga challenge. I had a realization about how important my health is.  I decided to change some bad habits and truly commit to Bikram yoga as a lifestyle.  It impressed me when our teacher, Georgia would say between postures that she has never gone to doctors, because she just practiced Bikram yoga.  I thought to myself, I want to live like that!  

It is sometimes quite difficult to get myself to class, but when I do end up going on those days, I feel more centered and at peace in my mind.


Favorite/least favorite posture? 

My favorite posture is Eagle pose, least favorite posture is Half moon pose.

Has being a regular practitioner of yoga helped your work life?

Absolutely!! I like different aspects of what I do at my current job as a Paralegal.  I love helping others and that I get to use my native Spanish. Being an immigrant myself and coming from Mendoza, Argentina at a young age, I know the struggles to adjust to a new culture.  I am very thankful that I can share my experience with others.  It helps to have my bikram yoga practice, because it is a constant reminder to be present at work and in life, even when it gets hectic.


What is one thing you love about Bikram Yoga NYC?

It has been somewhat difficult to find my niche here in the city.  It feels like everyone is consumed with their careers.  What I love about Bikram Yoga NYC, is that it feels like a second home to me. I love that when I step into the Bikram Yoga studio at midtown, I can be myself and everyone is super friendly!


Final thoughts?

I’m currently completing my 2nd 30 day bikram yoga challenge for the month of September. I am making an image a day to document and have accountability in this creative process. I did one last year too, where I ended up sharing the images on my instagram account and also have produced a small photo book at the end.  I really love the images I’ve been making in this current photo project, because it’s opening up my artistic tendencies.

Here’s a link to my website

I highly recommend doing a 30 day yoga challenge, because it has helped me be creative, stay focused and become more effective with my time.

We are thrilled to welcome Sumit Banerjee to Bikram Yoga NYC during the weekend starting Friday, September 23rd! Sumit, Founder of Sumit’s Yoga which has been franchised to 16 locations nationally, will be leading 7 special events starting Friday evening and ending Sunday Evening.

He will be offering 5 Yin Nidra classes and 2 Hot Vinyasa classes (schedule below) over 3 days and we’d like to invite you to any or all of them. The rate to join any of classes is $25 and is separate from any package you may already have.

About Yin Nidra

YinNidra is a class that begins with 55 mins of Yin Yoga Poses and then leads into a 25 mins of Yoga Nidra. The first part of the class Yin Yoga is designed to open up the body by deep stretching and prolonged holding of the yoga poses in a cool room. This also opens up the chakras meredians internally and creates a body and a mental state that is ready for a deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra which means Yogic Sleep is a systematic approach to move from the conscious state to the sub conscious state of awareness leading to a highly meditative state.

About Hot Vinyasa

Sumit’s Hot Vinyasa was created based on Sumit’s own years of experience practicing and teaching various yoga styles including Bikram and Vinyasa. His set sequence and style of teaching reinforces his primary objectives as a teacher: helping others to realize the powerful wellness benefits of yoga including a stronger, toned and more flexible body and an improved state of mind encouraging relaxation, self-acceptance and awareness. Sumit was one of the first to combine the Bikram and the Vinyasa flow class into his own set sequence of postures.

Schedule and Signup

FRIDAY 9/23 

7:30 to 9:00pm – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP


8:00am to 9:30am – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

12pm to 1:30pm – Hot Vinyasa – SIGN UP

5:00pm to 6:30pm – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

SUNDAY 9/25 

8:00am to 9:30am – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

12pm to 1:30pm – Hot Vinyasa – SIGN UP

5:00pm to 6:30pm – YinNidra Class – SIGN UP

Sumit Banerjee

Sumit started his yoga journey in America when he moved to LA from Mumbai India in1997 when he was 19 years old. He moved to Los Angeles to study computer science and because of his connection with Bikram he was staying at the studio on Wilshire . Going to school during the day and working at Bikrams Yoga College was a fun good life for him but he had not yet done any hot yoga but only yoga that what taught in india in the schools and had not much interest in hatha yoga . In summer of 1999 , Bikram had a summer training and not knowing what to do in his summer break Sumit signed up for the Bikram Training  . The teacher training changed his life and life path as he moved to Arizona to open few Bikram Studios from year 2000 to 2004 .

In 2004 after having taught 26 classes a week for almost 3 plus years he found himself losing the passion to teach Bikram and looking back it surely was a burn out . Instead of teaching 90 minutes of yoga he was finishing his classes in 70 minutes and didnt look forwards to teaching . Finding himself on the crossroads he had to self reflect on everything in his life and after a huge personal struggle decided to do his own thing by creating a new recipe for his class . He created a all levels yoga based on Bikram and Bryan Kests Flow . He wanted to create a fusion of Bikram hatha and Flow and aded some music to make daily yoga a celebration . Not knowing what to class this new class he named it Sumits Yoga .

Last few years he has been loving the healing benefits of Yin yoga and Yoga Nidra and just like how Sumit made a fusion of Bikram and Flow he decided to combine the Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra together .